10 Accessories Every Man Should Have in His Wardrobe


Cool statement shoes, leather accessories, funky bracelets and fur accents are the ever growing trends in the men’s fashion world nowadays. The dynamic combos are not only making the ordinary person feel super manly, but the overall appearance has become drastically more attractive. Trust me.

Men, if you haven’t gone down for the shopping spree this Winter yet, check out the top 10 items you must own to impress the girl next door!




A watch is a must have if you want your look to be complete! A man without a watch is like a woman without lipstick. There you go! While you roll up your sleeves this fall, don’t let your strong arms look unfilled.

Finding it hard choosing a watch? Merely know your style. If you love dressing up casually, go for a funky black watch whereas if you are a man of class, go for a silver metal strap contraption.


Matching Scarves


Fall and winters are all about being wrapped up in stylish scarves which highlight each outfit to the core. If you don’t own a scarf, your next stop should be at the clothing store for men! Get your hands on the best five scarves which will rock your fall wardrobe immensely.

Go for a plain black, a Burberry statement scarf, a two tone in the shades of red, a plain white and a dull gray. For variation, choose different textures. Voila!


A Woolen Beanie

wool beenie

Other than keeping you safe from the cold breeze, the woolen beanie will add to the style of any fall outfit. Woolen beanies look incredibly sexy on lean men when paired with stylish scarves and uppers.

If you don’t have one yet, start your collection with the traditional lamb’s wool version or the basic black.


A Neutral Blazer

neutral blazer for men

Blazers are the ultimate fashion statements. Even if you only decide to visit your friends at the bar, pairing your simple t-shirt with a blazer will not only make you look attractive but will get you stand out from the crowd?

Owning a neutral toned velvet blazer in black or beige will do the trick!



Low Cut and Long Boots

boots for men

Don’t boots remind you of cowboys? Well, on the winning side, we all associate boots with cowboys. However, the pro side to it suggests how much girls love cowboys and their fantasy world! If you intend to impress your girlfriend, go for the sexy long boots.

While long boots are breathtaking, the shorter, low cut boots are more wearable. Check out men’s shoe stores and be ready to be left spellbound with the interesting collection.

Thinking where you will wear them? Wear your low boots to parties, dinner with friends, long walks at the park and everywhere else!

Waist Coat


Waistcoats are style statements in the men’s fashion world. While women can enjoy a handful of accessories, shoe styles and uncountable designs of outfits, people today, still have limited options. Don’t intensify the limit by sticking to your old khakis and boring T’s!

Go on a bender and drop some jaws simply by adding a waistcoat to your final look. A waistcoat looks perfect with jeans and T’s, jeans and shirts and interestingly, perfect with long Indian kurtas! Getting ideas, eh?

Casual Uppers and Hoodies

casual hoodie

We don’t intend to make you look like the kid on the block, but wait a second, doesn’t everyone love hoodies? Apart from being comfortable and cozy, hoodies add extra weight and mass to the upper body.

Want to know a secret? Girls dig men in hoodies because it reminds them of how comfortable you can be around them! Another pro to hoodies is that they are inexpensive, have the infinite amount of styles and designs and are entirely cool!



Men's Sunglasses

Need the instant edge to your look? Put on a pair of uniquely designed glasses according to the shape of your face. What most men lack is the precision when it comes to choosing sunglasses. Just like clothes, sunglasses are uniquely designed for everyone and anyone.

While the aviators are the hottest this season, the retro shapes are also getting the spotlight! Choose the shape which compliments your face regardless of what you wear.

Men Jewelry

mens black tungsten ring

While the concept might disgust some of you, on the contrary, this notion can be a huge challenge to fathom. While some men are comfortable with statement jewelry items, 80% of the other men regard jewelry to be a woman’s thing!

Ditch the gender debate and check out how popular the men’s jewelry is these days. Not only is it taking the internet by the storm but the girls are digging it while the men are exhibiting it like never before.

If you are a man of taste, let your one arm define you with your favorite watch while the other can be wrapped in a simple, leather bracelet or a beaded contraption. If the bracelet is not your thing, go for a chain of the neck or a simple black string with a uniquely designed pendant. Getting married?!  If you are a man who likes to be different, go for a scratch resistant tungsten wedding band for men, or a two-tone titanium ring.

I would surely add the bit on the ear piercings, but that would be considered as going too far!

Leather Everything!

The leather is the word for fall and winters. If you forget to add leather accessories to your wardrobes, consider your seasons are staying incomplete!

While fur is rather associated to women leather is definitely as the entity of the men’s universe. Add leather to your closet by laying your hands on attractive looking leather jackets, leather long coats, leather pants, statement leather shoes, wallets, card holders, weekend bags and what not!  The list can go on. Go for the items that suit your style and flaunt away!

Now that you have a list of the top 10 most enjoyed fall accessories let us know which ones you are going to try this season and get inspiration from?

Elena is a fashion blogger who gets her inspirations from traveling around the world. You can follow her journey on Twitter


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