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FRONT magazine is looking for new partners to help advertise in the magazine as well as create new advertorials which are creative, edgy, sexy and in the FRONT way. FRONT magazine can help elevate your brand through many channels including:

Digital Magazine Advertising with links to your site

Through our Facebook page with over 1.4M likes

Through our Instagram channel with over 100k followers

Through our Snapchat channel with over 50k views per snap

Through our website which has over 100k unique users per month and growing.

We work with all types of brands from all over the world as our reach is international. Or rates are competitive and we will always work to your budget.

Let FRONT magazine be your partner in getting your brand out there.

For any enquiries about advertising in FRONT magazine or on the FRONT website, please contact our Advertising Team by e-mail

For any Classifieds enquiries such as our Essentials and New and Unsigned section, please contact our Classifieds Team by e-mail

Contact Us or alternatively fill out the form below and we will get into contact.