Alt Girl – Sabrina Marie Franz


Meet Sabrina Franz

Full name? Sabrina Marie Franz

Any nicknames? Beanz

Age? 21

Twitter? no twitter account

Instagram? sabrina0x0x I post all the time!

Facebook? no Facebook

Snapchat? smf711 come chat with me 🙂
Town and country?  broad channel, NY

Brief description about yourself?  I’m someone who can never sit still and always have to be on the go! I love trying new things and being daring. Also I’m pretty much nude 24/7 (clothes are so not for me)
Any tattoo piercings? I have a bunch of tattoos and I use to have piercings but no longer do.

If so where and why? I have an owl on my thigh, a flower and birds on my lower side, a quote on my forearm, lost soul tattooed on my knuckles and a sleeve on my right arm made of three different pieces. They all have personal meaning that fit what was going on in my life at that moment!

Favorite type of music? totally pop, can break out too a good pop song at any moment haha!
Favorite artist and why?
I totally love john Mayer, his voice is as good as sex.
Favorite band and why? the chainsmokers all the way! Crazy obsessed with everyone of there songs!

Favorite song and why? hmm picking a favorite song is hard but at the moment I’m loving slow hands! Totally my listen too and sing in the shower song.. everyday haha

Favorite movie? picking a movie is too hard but horror is my favorite even though I’ll keep all the lights on for 5 days after lol

First ever gig/concert? first ever concert I went too was with my mom when I was super young and it was Hilary Duff, she was my girllllllll

What’s your ideal night out? my ideal night out would be getting dressed up sexy and going out to the bar and having a few drinks.

Bums or boobs? BOOBS ALL THE WAY. Seriously I’ll admire your boobs any day.

Your favorite feature? my favorite feature is my eyes! They’re a mixture of colors and change at times.
What’s your alcohol of choice? vodka and cranberry with a splash of orange is my go too every time!
Who is your ultimate girl crush? total girl crush is Margot Robbie, she’s a total babe
Who is your ultimate guy crush? John Hamm! Obsessed!

Sneakers or heels? sneakers! Converses are my favorite!




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