Are You Still Playing Destiny?


I’ve recently recovered from a gaming tragedy. My PS4 had to go in for repair. And when it returned, we moved house, and had to endure the inevitable and torturous wait for the internet to be connected. I was basically game-less.

Whilst I had a good number of games on the go before the aforementioned nightmare; Overwatch, The Division, Dragon Age, when the lifesaving email from my internet service provider finally came through, there was only one game disc that saw its way into my PS4s newly refurbished disc drive: Destiny.


It’s my go to. Always seems to have been, as well. And despite not being the most decorated of players, and despite not really having a regular fireteam to call upon, I keep going back.

Are you still playing?

I know the grind of the game can grate on some, and for others there just isn’t enough ‘new’ happening to maintain interest, but coming from an RPG background, I don’t mind. I’ve spent hundreds of hours in games like Final Fantasy doing things like trying to score a race time of less than 0 seconds riding a chocobo through balloons. And don’t worry if none of that makes any sense. My point is that for me, the faults that many people levied at Destiny from its initial launch, through its first two DLC drops (The Dark Below and House of Wolves) and into its major expansion (The Taken King), I didn’t even notice. What I do understand is that I’m probably in the minority on this. However, with the changes that have come since The Taken King, including challenge modes to the King’s Fall raid, the Challenge of Elders game mode, and ever growing game world, some of those ills seem to have been put to rights. And then there’s the future.


In September, the next big expansion will hit. Destiny: Rise of Iron. A new playable space, a reimagining of an existing playable space, a new social space, a new enemy, a new level cap, new gear, a new story… again, that grind will stop, and there will be an influx of that elusive ‘new’.

This time, the story will be based more around the lore of the Iron Banner, the frequent multiplayer ‘event’ that for me, is one of the main pulls to keep that disc spinning inside my console. I always look forward to the Banner, a chance to walk away with some serious loot (not having a regular fireteam restricts my participation in other endgame activities. This is my way in to that party), and really test myself on the competitive side of the game. Now, I will have a story where the characters in it are lifted straight from my endgame. This is the story of Destiny that I have come to know. The part of Destiny I spend most of my time in.

I want to see Lord Saladin swinging his burning battle-axe, and setting his pack of pet wolves onto the new twisted Fallen-based enemy faction, the Splicers. I want to run alongside him wielding my Titan’s burning hammers, using them to fight this enemy back and reclaim that social space for later use. I want to be told the story of those Iron Lords that have inspired my favourite event of the game, and see if I can claim that title for myself. So, whereas others have found fault in the game, therefore finding serious excitement for each expansion, I haven’t needed them. But this time… I am buzzing for this.

Are you still playing Destiny? It’s got better, though, right? Just wait for September.


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