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I first met Ashlee a few years back when I was running my own magazine called SlappyGrind and then again with Rikter Skateboards. So when I asked her to do a feature for me with Front Magazine, She jumped at the opportunity as any good friend would.


Ashlee said “I have some never before seen photos that would be just killer for the site, they don’t mind nudity; do they?”


Besides being a part time model who just made the cover for Easy Rider, Ashlee is the lead singer and guitarist for a band called Scarlet Harlot and her Handsome Devils. They have been together for some time now and are shopping around for their next video as I have been told. So any of you producers out there, you may wanna get in touch with the band… Just a thought.

Full Name: Ashlee Arson

Age: 26

Town and Country: Long Beach, CA United States

Brief Description: I am an alternative fetish model based out of Southern California, a gal who’s a strong advocate for animal liberation and also, I front and play guitar in a punk and death rock influenced band called Scarlet Harlot. I’m also about to take the leap to become a vegan chef! My passion is definitely food. What other great ways are there to make people happy other than to feed them, you know? I’m also stoked to be involved with the independent film, American Rumble. Totally awesome project AND people!

Tattoos and Piercings: Not many piercings actually except for my ears, Philtrum and microdermal which I just realized has been in for about 8 years now.
When it comes to tattoos, I’m not even sure where to start. Of course, I have more real estate to cover and can’t wait to expand!

Tattoo’s where and why? If you’re asking about mine, I’d have to say that it was an instant decision on most. I knew I wanted the art, but usually pick last minute unless it’s a large piece or in an unusual area because I try not to be an asshole.

Favorite Music? I mostly listen to every sub genre of punk and metal out there as well as just about anything else, but the branches of music that thoroughly inspire me are most definitely powerful female fronted bands like The Gits or The Distillers or Bikini Kill, post punk, death rock, Goth, dark and new wave, and psychedelic doom.

Favorite Movie? That is an impossible question to answer almost! My current favorite is God Bless America. It really won me over with  its brutal honesty about American culture and media influence. You can never quite go wrong with the movie adaptation of Fight Club, though. Now THAT is an influential film.

First ever Concert? I saw fucking Heart for my first real concert. I still can’t get over it. Talk about a gateway to the show-junkie world.

Ideal Night Out? My ideal night out is any occasion I get to spend amongst friends and family at any sort of live show. There’s nothing quite like the energy of a room full of people gathered to witness a musical performance.

Bums or Boobs? Both! Bring it!

Favorite Feature? To say I have a favorite feature about myself is a bit superficial to me, but I can say that I do work really hard to make sure I’m there for others who may need help whether it be human or non-human animals. It’s about doing things for those who can never repay you!

Favorite Drink? Yeah, I’ll say it. I am a major tea enthusiast! I’m that person. Sorry not sorry.

Girl Crush: I have a major crush on the late Mia Zapata and her lyrical poetry, the late Maila Nurmi who is better known as Vampira, and also…Winona Forever!

Guy Crush: Kiefer Sutherland and Billy Idol are total babes.

Sneakers or Heels? I have a major ballet heel fetish! Eight inches or bust! Enough said!

Photography by Hollywood Breeze Photography

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