Brand Focus: Bondi Pearly Whites

One thing we all strive for is the whitest teeth in the game, thankfully Bondi Pearly Whites can help us achieve that smile we all dream of. There’s nothing better than an affordable range of products to use in the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days of having treatments done at the dentist!

Luckily for myself, the guys at Bondi Pearly Whites were kind enough to send a sample of their products over for me to try out, and I’m gonna be honest they work a treat! Get copping!

The Full Kit
RRP $89.95
This is one of the newest products on the market, which means they have been created using the latest technology. The sleek mouth guard contains 16 LED globes (the most powerful currently available!) And if that hasn’t won you over, unlike other LED mouth guards these require no batteries as it plugs straight into your phone, what a winner! (I use the whitening kit for six consecutive days in a row, twenty minutes each day. In less than a week my teeth lightened by 2-3 shades!)

If you’re interested in checking out Bondi Pearly Whites head over to their website for more information and product ingredients.