Brand Focus: Electric Ink Skincare


Many of us are aware by now that the range of tattoo aftercare products available is extremely limited. Many people, such as myself have shifted from using Bepanthem (originally formulated to recover irritated skin caused by nappy rash), to coconut oil… to trying out every other brand who appears on the market selling products specifically for tattoo aftercare.

Luckily for myself, the guys at Electric Ink Skincare were kind enough to send a sample of their products over for me to try out, and I have to say these products are a winner! Get copping!

Daily Moisturiser

RRP £10.95
This moisturizer helps protects tattoos and skin whilst keeping it fresh, nourished and defined. (My personal go to! Each day I use this after showering, and on fresh tattoos once they have peeled.)

Vibrancy Serum

RRP £12.95
This serum enhances colours, maintains pigment and promotes vibrancy of tattoos whilst keeping the skin hydrated. (Not only does this product smell amazing, it keeps ink vibrant all day long!)

Defining Body Oil

RRP £10.95
This aftercare oil moisturizes whilst delivering gloss and clarity for that fresh ink look. (This is another personal go to for me! I use this for photo shoots. The oil soaks into the skin perfectly and doesn’t leave a layer of slime like other products I’ve previously tried.)

If you’re interested in checking out Electric Ink Skincare head over to their website for more information and product ingredients.


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