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Within the past year there has been a noticeable rise of CBD products appearing on the market. From independent online stores, to mainstream stores such as Holland & Barrett. Today I’m delving into a package I recently received from Synergy Extracts, a highly reputable company from the United Kingdom who produce luxury cannabinoid concentrates. Luckily for myself, I was sent over a variety of products to try out, and I’m gonna be honest they work a treat! Get copping!

Lemon OG Prefilled CBD Vape Pen

RRP: Tbc
Front’s rating: 4/5

A prefilled pen which is extremely easy to use.
Fresh flavours and big clouds if required.
This pen will satisfy beginners or true cannabis diehards.

CBD Vape Pens

RRP: Tbc
Front’s rating: 5/5

These aren’t currently available on site at the moment, however I put these to good use and filled them both with Skywalker OG vape oil. The taste is unreal!

Skywalker OG Vape Oil
RRP: Tbc
Front’s rating: 5/5

The taste of this oil is so fresh, surprisingly I preferred it over the Lemon OG.
“A full spectrum cannabis extract distilled and purified into a delicious, golden transparent oil, with terpenes re-introduced at the very end of the process for maximum flavour and entourage effects. Beautiful clean flavour which coats your tastebuds”.

Shishkaberry CBD Crumble
RRP: £34.95
Front’s rating: 5/5

Yet again, another product which leaves the tastebuds tingling. Absolutely ideal for those who love fruity and earthy flavours.
“A legal cannabis strain, winterised and highly refined up to 85%+ then infused with the Shishkaberry terpene profile. Shishkaberry is an indi-dom hybrid that came about from crossing DJ Short Blueberry with an unknown Afghani strain”.

Double Tangie Banana CBD Crystals
RRP: £31.95
Front’s rating: 3/5

I tried and tested this as an edible, for me the flavour didn’t quite come through so I’d recommend using these crystals with a dab rig.
“Terpene infused 90% CBD crystal, CO2 Extracted, highly refined & purified, then infused with the amazingly loud Double Tangie Banana terpene profile.”

If you haven’t already head over to Synergy Extracts and check out the rest of their products available!


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