Britain’s “Flashiest Playboy” Danny Lambo tells us about his Miss GB pageant…

Meet Danny; Britain’s self-proclaimed ‘flashiest playboy’ who left school with absolutely no qualifications; just dreams of being a Japanese popstar…

With a £25 million fortune stemming from his Paddington hotel business frequented by a string of celebs and rock stars such as Morrissey and Kate Moss; Danny’s road to riches began at 16, when he and some friends were in a band, ‘Jealous’, which was targeted by a Japanese talent scout.

The band had some moderate success and he invested what he made from the music biz into his first hotel. Within a year and by age 22 he had made his first million. Fair play to him though; by age 22 most of us have only just worked out how to turn a washing machine on.

The Croydon-born extrovert was told by his headmaster that he would fail in life. But he is definitely doing a Charlie Sheen from what we can see, and naturally, we have absolutely no idea why he’s nick named ‘Danny Lambo’.

Anyway, here is a list of some of his cars for you to question your feeble existence over. Danny says he has a different car for each day of the week: “Some guys wake up and think ‘what shirt am I going to wear today’, but I think what car am I going to drive today…”

1998 Lamborghini Diablo bought for £200,00 (now worth loads more)

Lamborghini Murcielago £250,000

Lamborghini Aventador £375,000

Ferrari 458 £250,000

Range Rover £90,000

1972 Pontiac £50,000

1951 Mercury Custom bought off rapper 50 Cent

Aston Martin DB6 off the James Bond film Dr No

…add to that list a watch worth 100k and a diamond collar worth 1.5k for his pet cat Molly, we can confirm this guy seems to be livin’ the dream.

When he’s not managing his three hotels, 2mil car showroom and property empire, he likes to throw extravagant dinner parties with Russian models and often splashes out £10k plus on drinks at his six-storey Mayfair townhouse, (which once belonged to Tory Prime Minister Anthony Eden). Sometimes if he gets bored of that place he swans off down to his other property overlooking the Thames. It sounds a tough life.

However for Danny, that lifestyle still wasn’t enough. This year hes thought f*ck it. He wanted to go one step further and so he decided to run his own beauty pageant and have all of Britain’s leggy blondes on speed dial.

The Lamborghini fanatic has now added the Miss Great Britain 2017 Central London beauty pageant to his business portfolio. Recently the Miss GB London heat held a photo shoot on a swanky Lamoure yacht where he revealed some of the most beautiful girls from our capital city who will be participating in the prestigious beauty pageant on May 11th 2017 at the exclusive DSTRKT nightclub.

He’s kindly invited us along. Who knows… we may cordially accept the invite as long as he pours us a glass of his £6k cognac!

To buy tickets to the Miss GB London heat and see all his leggy blondes in person visit
Oh and by the way… Danny tells us he has a new track out called ‘PLAYBOYZ’. It isn’t about world peace. To hear it and see yet more Lamborghini’s just click HERE or click HERE to watch a trailer of his vid. It’s a must see, I must say!!