Catch up with MTV’s Gina B


Ex on the Beach babe Gina shows us her first tattoo 😏 Talks to us about being haunted & lets us in on a few naughty EOTB secrets…

Interview by imFawni @fawndebra

So Gina, it’s been a year since you were stirring things up in that villa. What have you been up to since the show? It’s been a whirlwind of a year, I’ve mainly been shooting and doing lots of glamour modelling. I’m often on page 3! I’ve also been shooting abroad a lot and been doing loads of cam work mostly on It’s been so busy so I can’t complain!

Image by Alan Kerr

We can see you got your first tattoo- what made you get that? Rosary beads? Well I’m quite spiritual so it has spiritual meaning for me. I got it for my Nan but also as I think it symbolises protection. Where I used to live I swear down it was haunted and we had a poltergeist that was stalking me. I was shocked at how much a tiny tattoo could hurt!

Will you get more do you think? Have you got the ink bug now? At the minute I probably can’t due to the type of modelling I do. With mainstream glamour the more natural looking the better! One day I plan to be covered though.

Yes you are very girl next door. Also WTF tell us more about the poltergeist?!
Oh there’s not much to tell really just that there was a really strange vibe in my old house when I lived with my family it wasn’t just me who experienced stuff. Things would move and we’d see dark figures. It always felt like someone was watching you. I’m sure I heard a demonic voice a few times too, in the end we had to get a priest out to bless the house!

Image credit to Mike Cohen photography

Are you sure you didn’t just have MTV on and the voice was one of your old cast members?! Sure that you were cast with a few horrid creatures…
Haha! Oh I know what you mean. The girls in there didn’t really click with me or get me. Not that I was bothered. I haven’t kept in touch with anyone really. There’s so much the cameras don’t show and I hate bitchy girls.

…and what about the boys. How was the whole sex on TV thing?
You totally forget the cameras are there! I got carried away… I will just say the two-minute wonder really wasn’t worth it and if I could press ctrl+alt+delete for that part of my experience I would. I’d love to erase a few people from my memory entirely actually!

Image by page 3 daily star – @ginabarrettmodel

Oh Gina, everyone has a bad lay now and again, don’t worry… shame yours was on global TV though. Season 4 was kinda like the Gina show. Who do you predict will be good this season?
Oh I don’t know. I’ve no idea whose on it but no one can stir shit up like I can! I might even go back in who knows! Sssssh!

Finally, as you were openly bisexual on the show- we wanna know who your girl crush is at the moment?
That’s easy. has to be Megan Fox. All day. I love sexy brunettes with attitude.

Image by Alan kerr


Bye Gina. I am sure we haven’t seen the last of you. 👋🏾

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