Channel Zero Season 2 Details Released

After having just finished is inaugural run, Syfy’s new horror anthology series Channel Zero has announced the details of its second season.

First Frights
Channel Zero’s premise is for each season to be adapted from a creepypasta – internet-generated short horror tales in the style of urban legends – into a six-episode, self-contained miniseries.

The debut effort of Candle Cove was well-received by viewers and critics alike. The story saw a psychologist return to his hometown to find out the truth about his twin brother’s death during a spate of unsolved child murders when they were kids in 1988, and what they had to do with the pirate-themed puppet show that aired only then and there and whose existence nobody else can remember. Then everything begins again, with more bodies dropping and characters from the TV show appearing in the real world in what may or may not be nightmarish hallucinations.

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Second Scares
The second season, scheduled for autumn next year, will be based on Brian Russell’s NoEnd House, a short story in which a cash-strapped collage graduate must navigate the nine rooms of the titular domicile, so called due to nobody having ever made it through on account of each room projecting successively greater terrors upon its temporary occupant. A prize of $500 awaits anyone who can make it though, although it soon transpires that a failure of courage may be far preferable to a loss of sanity. You can read the tale in all its crescendoing terror here.

The adaptation will gender flip the protagonist, with the story’s David Williams now becoming Margot Sleator. Margot will be played by Amy Forsyth, who is currently best known as emotionally mature schoolgirl Ashley in cult drama The Path, and in a minor recurring role as alien handmaiden Andina in ensemble sci-fi series Defiance. Also, the house of the series will contain only six rooms, presumably one for each episode.

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Size Doesn’t Matter
Although NoEnd House is only a little over 5,000 words long, its premise allows for any kind of escalation that can be imagined, and it will be relatively straightforward for the writers to take the series well beyond the story’s original parameters. Anyway, Candle Cove was adapted from even less material, its original form being in the style of a series of message board postings, and was expanded into one of the creepiest series of many years, and is certainly miles beyond any of the histrionic trash that American Horror Story has produced in its six seasons, so it won’t be unreasonable to expect a similarly successful adaptation this time around.

Channel Zero: The No-End House will air on Syfy in 2017, and the first teaser trailer for it is below.