Christmas Eve with Talulah-Eve


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so let’s see what festivities Front fave and one of last years BNTM contestants Talulah-Eve gets up to…

So do you spend Christmas Eve in or out?

Normally I spend Christmas Eve out but this year I’m spending it in with my family… well I’m going to try to!

Any weird Xmas traditions we should know about?

None that are weird but a mistletoe kiss is a must every year and it has to be with a solid 10!

What does a typical Xmas day look like to you?

Usually hanging and looking 6 months pregnant after stuffing my face with food! A bedroom that smells like a tarts boudoir because I get so many perfumes and I have to smell them all!
Obviously lots of family games and then the Eastenders Christmas special with a glass of wine (or maybe a bottle)

What’s the weirdest/shittest Xmas gift you’ve ever got?

Soap dildo.. I prefer the real thing!

What’s you Festive drink of choice?

Mulled wine or Prossecco!

How will you be spending Boxing Day?

Netflix and chill. If Santa brings me my biggest wish this Christmas… if not then just a few drinks with friends!

Any New Years plans?

Not yet! Can’t decide what I want the most out of NYE this year. The last minute things are usually the best anyway… usually it’s a house party somewhere!

Do you believe in Santa?

Yes but Santa has disappointed me these past few years! Think I need to be better behaved

Have you been a good girl or a bad girl this year?

Bad.. but only at my expense. I just can’t seem to tell myself “no”

If you were one of Santa’s reindeer what would your name be and why?

Nip slip! Had a fair few of those this year!! (HAHA Yes you have!)

Do you have an Xmas wish list we can look at?!

My wants and needs this Christmas are:
•Boyfriend (preferably hot, rich, affectionate, doesn’t take a day to reply, good manners, good style, Drives, good in bed) 
•A new london pad (preferably with a walk in wardrobe) 
•Lingerie (preferably Victoria Secrets)
•Perfume (preferably Marc Jacobs’s decadence or Dior j’adore)
•Heels (preferably Louboutins)
•A clutch that goes with everything
•Louis luggage
•Exotic holiday

…Low maintenance as usual I see! Have a good one T <3

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