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It’s the Front Extreme Edition so naturally the Front Ship has hit an Iceberg and we’re all struggling for air. The difference is we don’t have a door that is clearly big enough for two people. Dammit Rose !

Jem Lucy is the UK’s bad girl and goes all super villain on us,  but shows us her softer side, talking role models, how to make it in the industry and, of course, the twitter spats that find themselves in national rags.

— Eliza Winn also comes and says hello all the way from California.
— The Girls of Instagram are back with another installment
— Our Alt Girl goes outside for the extreme edition, we went with her.

Action Sports

–We went to South Africa to watch MTB free riders on the biggest jumps in the world at Darkfest.
–Kelly Hart, legendary skateboarder, gets interviewed by our man in America
–UFC London was just about the most action you can pack up into a sport. So we went and interviewed Jimi Manuwa and watched him entertain the capital.


–We went off to Travis Barker’s MUSINK in Southern California.
— Warbringer tell us about their song writing process and much more
–Street Artist of the month is KimmieBeatbox !

And all the usual Style, Ink and Mate in a State come out to play.

Enjoy !

The UK”s leading Alternative Magazine has a few other tricks up its sleeve this month, including.
– Alt Girl
– Tattoos
– Pornstar Diaries

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Annnnndd Scene.

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