Can tattoos protect your dog from cancer?

Brazilian Dog has been Tattooed

Words By: Tori Scholes

Tattooist Emerson Damasceno has inked five tattoos on his own dog, placed on its eyes, ears and mouth.

Why Did he Tattoo his Dog?

He believed that the pieces would protect his dog from solar rays due to the animal suffering from a rare type of cancer.

Fernanda Soares, a Brazilian lawyer was the first to discover and draw attention to the pictures of the inked white bull terrier, which were found on the owners Facebook profile.

Soon after the dog’s owner changed his online name to Emerson Candido in an attempt to disguise himself, but soon after removed his own Facebook profile, including the images of the dog, as an eruption occurred across the media.

Should Someone Tattoo Their Dog?

This week people across the globe have shown mixed emotions, ranging from confusion to anger, after images of a dog with apparent tattoos has gone viral. Many people expressed their own opinions, with views such as “the tattoos wouldn’t kill a dog, if humans can get tattoos, then why can’t animals?”

The visible markings include stars tattooed under both eyes, the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team logo inside both ears, and an anchor, knuckleduster and diamond on the pets nose.

tattoo dogtattoo dog

The artist’s partner later defended him across their social media profiles by posting statements mentioning the dog was inked after seeking advice from a vets in the city of Poços de Caldas. Other veterinary experts commented on the issue and have stated what the owner has done to the dog has no obvious benefits and agree it may cause further complications.

However, the veterinary school who for legal reasons have decided to remain anonymous, have denied the claim and do not condone what has happened.

It’s very hard to decide whether a tattoo on an animal is a good or a bad thing, although it doesn’t seem right somehow. That being said, we have no doubt more images of dogs, cats and horses with strange Ink will continue to appear on the internet.