Double the Festive Trouble with Piggy ‘n’ Nanci


Presenting the DUO of Dreams that is @thatpiggymouth & @Nanci_sgh 

Lets see what these pair get up to this time of year… apart from getting semi naked at shoots and feeling each other up of course!!

Warning: May contain Boobs.

So do you spend Xmas eve in or out?

Nanci: Usually out, you’ll find me hidden in the corner of a rock pub back home that I’ve been going to since I was 15.

Piggy: In – I can’t handle Christmas dinner on a hangover anymore!

Any wierd seasonal traditions we should know about?

Nanci: I always have to have a new set of PJs before I go to bed on Christmas Eve… Got to look your best for when a creepy old bearded guy sneaks into your house at night to empty his sack!
Piggy: Pass…

What does a typical Xmas day look like to you?

Nanci: Pretty average I think, wake up and have a bacon (quorn) butty with a glass of bucks fizz, finish off the bottle of bucks fizz whilst opening gifts, nip round see our neighbours around 11am move onto beer. Climb a mountain of christmas donner washing it down with wine… Pass out. Wake up, eat chocolate drink baileys. Sleep.

Piggy: Wake and bake and too much food!


What’s the weirdest/shittest gift you’ve ever got?

Piggy: An Ex gave me a painting of himself as a teenager
*yep, creepy*
Nanci: Can’t remember if this was Christmas or my birthday but I got given a pot of honey, my Uncle did then give me money… Something to do with rhyming slang… Who knows… Don’t think 7 year old me got rhyming slang.
*Sounds like Uncle Knob head for sure* 

What’s you xmas drink of choice?

Piggy: I make eggnog every year… And sneak in more booze while no ones watching 😉

Nanci: All of them…

How will you be spending boxing day?

Piggy: Playing with puppies
*Ahem…we hope thats a Euphemism?*
Nanci: Escape the house and shop, eat christmas dinner round 2, walk the dogs, drink wine; sleep.
Any New Years plans? 

Nanci: I’m off to France to drink wine and eat copious amounts of cheese!

Piggy: House party. *Standard*

Do you believe in santa?

Nanci: And old man emptying his sack for me? Sure I believe in that.
*we will leave that there :@*
Piggy: I believe in the grinch…

Have you been a good girl or a bad girl this year?

Nanci: Hmmm looking at my Instagram feed I would say very bad…

Piggy: Santa likes bad girls right?!?

If you were one of Santa’s reindeer what would your name be and why?

Piggy: Probably still piggymouth for eating all of Santa snacks…
Nanci: Well I’m gutted that Vixen is already taken… Slay-Belle because obviously Je suis belle and I am fierce.
*We like* *applause*
Do you have an xmas wish list we can look at?! 
Piggy: Of course! Go give me a follow on my Insta and you can see all! click HERE!!

Nanci: Well my wishlist is full of very naughty treats so ideal for me: Click HERE!!

Well let’s hope one of our super generous readers gives you a treat! Have a good one guys…

Photography by Dean Archer aka king Size photography


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