Etnies introduces the etniesxthirtytwo collab


When shopping for boots this winter, look for the new Etnies x Thirtytwo collab. You won’t regret it, I promise.

As many of you know I am supported by Etnies. Not because I rip anymore more but because I tell it exactly as it is! Recently I moved to Big Bear and to be fucking honest, it’s getting unbelievably cold on this forsaken mountain! Seeing that the damn snow is coming I requested my first ever boot from my people at etnies. I had 3 color choices and as dirty as I get I still put the request in for the Scott Stevens Signature Colorway (brown/black).

Let me just give you some insight on this boot. If you think the boot looks sexy in a pic, head to your local retailer and see it in person. I thought geez….. these are gonna be bulky and ugly like some damn Timber-Lames. Fuck was I wrong! These damn boots are just too sexy for words. Comfort level is just beyond comprehension. They fit like a glove and are cozy warm.

If I thought for a second my following and myself included wouldn’t like these, this review would be a lot worse.

I love about 80% of what they send me….. so here is my only con as I have for most of their shoes. If its a off the board shoe and we are wearing for fashion and or comfort. The white trimming just gets too dirty too fast. If everything etnies made had a gum sole, I would be at a easy 90% rate every time. I have recently fell in love with the whole Jameson series except the white soles. I wear them once and they are needing to be cleaned ( I live on a mountain now).

Over all rating: 9 Stars.



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