Fallout 4 Playstation mods delayed indefinitely

The art of modifying a game has been up until the past few months an almost exclusive experience to the PC gaming crowd. That was until Bethesda opened up the gates for players to install mods on Xbox One copies of Fallout 4, though the mods had to be created on PC and ported over to the Xbox One, players were still able to change their gaming experience like their PC counterparts had done for years. Playstation 4 players were eagerly awaiting their turn to do the same, though it now looks like they could be in for a wait as long as the Sole Survivor.


Earlier this month there were reports from Bethesda’s latest patch notes that there had been some issues applying mods to the PS4, it seemed it wasn’t as simple a transition as the Xbox One. What went wrong you ask? Well for starters the Playstation mod storage is limited to a measly 900MB, some mods are greater in size and couldn’t install, let alone run. The Xbox One allows users 2GB of mod storage, so you can see the problem there. There were also compatibility issues with sound and textures from mods ported over from the PC, Bethesda had promised patches for these issues but that may be a fruitless effort.


In a recent tweet from Bethesda it seemed all hope for the PS4 mods was lost “We regret to say that the PS4 Mods Beta for Fallout 4 has been delayed” followed by a bleak tweet of “We will update everyone when we can”. Could this mean the end for PS4 players hopes of modding their Commonwealth adventures? It’s a shame if this is the case, as from a personal experience I can tell you I’ve had a ball. What do you think, were you looking forward to modding your copy? Or have you already been doing so? Drop a comment below and let me know.

Oh by the way, yes that is a ‘Busty’ mod. Don’t judge, you’d have it too.