Fancy being butchered to death by tattooist’s?… Then your opportunity has arrived!

Maybe that’s a slight over exaggeration, but seriously… the footage you’re about to see does come close!

Tattooist’s Cammy Stewart & Valerio Cancellier list themselves as a blackwork cult / religious organization and are based in a private gallery in Germany. They’re currently taking over the internet with their work… and the bodies of brutal blackwork tattoo fanatics.

If you’re a pussy you deffo don’t wanna be going to these guys for heavy blackwork, leave this shit to the brave! Cammy & Valerio’s work is described across social media as Ruin Your Life and Death by Tattoo. Tattooist’s state they can’t wait to butcher and kill more people together!

Let us know your thoughts on this madness in the comments below, and if you’re mental enough for a bloody session with these guys contact them via their social media and get yourselves booked in!
Cammy Stewart – Instagram
Valerio Cancellier – Instagram