Fatty to Fighter: Adding to the team…


Since last weeks more sombre blog post, I have managed to get myself together and man up. I have had some ups and downs of course, but I feel I am starting to hit a groove with training.

Back In The Groove

On Wednesday, I headed down to my first MMA class, which was being coached by the legendary James. It was great. I was matched up with a Polish fella and luckily for me, he was around my weight and size. Unluckily for me however was that he hit like a solid block of wood. He wasn’t the quickest, but good lord my forearms and shoulder hurt from blocking his kicks.

We started off by doing some grappling in the clinch work. The clinch is where you are locked up with your opponent whilst you are stood. We would attempt to take our opponent down, and then when distracted, hit them with a nice left switch kick. We then ran striking drills and ended with some BJJ exercises.I was back at it the next day with James. He took my through my paces with my striking and footwork.

In fact, we did a lot of work on my footwork and I finally started getting it. James was teaching me how to use my feet to get in and out of range. While I have seen fighters do this, I never truly understood the mechanics. It was great to finally feel like it was coming together in my mind, bit by bit.

Unfortunately, I am still feeling sick and occasionally being sick as soon as I finish training. My fitness has taken a hit from not training properly over the week previous and I can’t wait to get the feeling of not being sick back.

Welcome Feel Supreme

After a great week of training, I thought it would be great to introduce you to my latest partner in this journey – Feel Supreme. Feel Supreme is a health care shop based online and in Liverpool, where owner Matty Murphy has his own shop.

I have actually been in touch with Matty for a while as he has been a sponsor of my MMA podcast Jockstraps and Bacon. When I asked him to be involved, he was more than happy to help.

Matty has sent me his athletes package, that he normally puts together for such fighters as Alan Philpott, who is a professional MMA fighter and Champion for BAMMA.

This includes CBD Oil to bring down the inflammation from training, Cordyceps to improve my oxygen utilisation and also Rhodiola, which is used to help burn stubborn fat.

While I can’t yet comment if the Cordyceps and Rhodiola work yet, after only 5 days the CBD oil has given me a vast improvement. It’s almost as though somebody has oiled (no pun intended) my joints.

I want to thank Matty, as this will most likely give me a new lease of life when training. My joints have long been a problem with my arthritis, but now I am hopeful these issues won’t bother me anymore.

Get Yourself Feeling Better

Lastly, Feel Supreme have set me up with a code for customers to use. If you go to their website www.feelsupreme.co.uk and ring up your order of natural, non-animal tested and vegan friendly products. Once you get to the checkout type in “jockstraps” and you will automatically receive 10% of your order!


Until next time.


Please check out the people supporting me on this journey through their Instagram accounts:

James Dixon (Coach) – @james.dixon.martial.arts


Rob Dawson (Sports Psychology) – @Mindsport_Ltd


Daren AKA Slaphead (Strength & Conditioning) – @chinnor_kettlebells


Simply Prep (Food prep company and nutrition) – @simplyprepmeals

Use the code “fatty” for 10% off all orders


Feel Supreme – (Health and Vitality) – @feel_supreme

www.feelsupreme.co.uk  – Use code word “jockstraps” for 10% off your entire order


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