Fatty To Fighter: It’s been awhile…..


Admittedly I probably did have time in the last month or so to write a blog, however…..I didn’t. The reason being is because I have had a hell of a month overall and it hit me hard mentally.

At the end of my last blog I set myself a challenge to not eat shit and exercise at least 5 times a week until Christmas. All was going well, I was ketogenic as fuck and my training was becoming more frequent.

Injuries Are Right Fookers…..


Then, I was struck with an injury. To my finger no least. It was during a Jiu Jitsu sparring session and somebody manipulated my fingers – something which is illegal. Blaming the person responsible wouldn’t be fair. They too are a white belt and don’t know the intricacies of the sport. I had to take a week off, while crying into my pillow.

After the injury, diarrhoea decided to show up and literally shower itself everywhere. I was really feeling quite low and no energy. During my shits I remember doing an hour rolling in jits and I got horrific cramp in my thighs and couldn’t stand properly. My body just wasn’t retaining enough to train.

We’ve All Wanted To Say “FUCK YOU LIFE”

Life has a way of always being a complete cunt, and in this instance was no different. As soon as I started training again, slowly but surely, my wife and I were told that she would need to have chemotherapy once again. My wife only finished her last treatment just a month before and we believed we would have a little more time before hell set in.

Unfortunately this is the nature of cancer. It has no discrimination, doesn’t care if you want to relax, doesn’t care about all the other parts of your life and more importantly it seems to thrive on your stress. The wife and I decided it was best to get away for a week.

Tuscan Times

We went to the Tuscan hills to a sleepy little town called Serravezza. It was a beautiful old villa, the air was fresh, the views were beautiful and the food was sensational. You’re probably thinking “wait Sam, you fat cunt, I thought you were dieting until christmas?”. You’d be correct in thinking that.

However if you’re mad about it, fuck you. My wife is and always will be more important to me than a diet or a blog. Me enjoying my week with my wife and eating as we pleased was exactly what we needed for a reset before chemo.

Not many people will understand, even though they would like you to think they do, but chemotherapy is a cunt. It takes away basically all my wife’s choices, she can’t even taste food.

Make Your Own Path

It may have been a shitter of a month, but it was also a complete reset and refresh for me. These kinds of moments in life really make you consider what is important. Training, being healthy and taking care of my wife is all I care about for now.

I am training at least 5 times a week now, I am dieting well and my skill level has come on something rotten. Oh and nothing is confirmed, but by the next blog, there could be some big news about my fight.

To finish this week off, I just want to say, don’t be too fucking hard on yourself. I do it all the time, did I do this right? Am I doing enough? I wonder if those people think this of me? Well fuck ’em, be happy and do what you want to do.

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