From Fatty to Fighter: An Introduction…


I’ve always been a bit of a fat fucker, but it wasn’t until I was in my 20’s I realised I had been a complete tit my whole life, not exercising and eating whatever I wanted for as long as I had wanted.

At 21, whilst at University, my weight even ballooned to an obscene 20 stone. I looked like a toffee apple on a stick.

At this point many of you will be asking “Well why didn’t you just diet and exercise?.”

Well I tried and I nearly succeeded a few times, however being a natural quitter (I get bored very easily) it was never meant to be. Not only that but at 23 I was diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis and was told basically to never compete or play in contact sports again. It was shit, and definitely a bit soul destroying, however after time I decided to be content with it. I mean I was hardly a looker anyway, might as well complete the look by being a complete troll of a man.

Then I got depressed.

I wanted to play football, even fancied having an MMA fight. But all that was out the window. 

What could I do? Doctors told me I couldn’t and I believed them.

I refused medications and tried to deny I even had the issue. This actually lead to more issues and complications with my arthritis. I was in severe pain most days but would just try to “man up.”


I decided instead to write about and enjoy MMA instead. I not only write for Front about MMA, but I also have a podcast with my partner (not life partner) Randy from good ol’ Boston across the pond. We break down fights and have fun with it! 

My life took another turn when I met my wife.

Not only did I find the woman who takes care of me and loves me, but she was also outrageously beautiful. Don’t know how I did it, but chalk it up for fatboy.

Anyway not long after we started going out, she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. For those of you that don’t know it’s incurable. My world fell apart, however I stayed strong for her as she battled through chemotherapy.

She went through hell.

She had surgeries, spinal injections, fluid drained from her lungs, had to wear an oxygen mask for months and, at many times, I doubted she would make it through even this first bout of chemotherapy.

She was then told then cancer had spread to her brain. Radiotherapy followed. It worked, but what people don’t know is how painful both these treatments are. She would cry and ask me when it would stop……but not at any point did she say no to treatment, or allow the cancer to take over her life.

We were due to be married later in the year and as I said before, I really didn’t know whether she would make it or not.

Well, our wedding came and went, she spent the whole day by my side and we drank, danced and had fun with all our family and friends. It was perfect. More importantly she was well.

I had never seen such a turnaround in my life. I realised at this point, anything truly is possible in this life. 


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