Fatty To Fighter: Too little time…


It’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote a blog. I have had an extremely busy couple of weeks, involving doctors appointments, wedding anniversary and my wife’s birthday. It’s been all go.

New Pals

Since the last time I wrote, I have also had a new company join the team. Precise Sports Nutrition have kindly donated to me two free protein shake packs. I can’t thank them enough. Mainly because the protein shakes are frigging delicious.

[Credit: Instragram @fattytofighter]

It may say diet on the pack, which always makes me wary, but it’s outrageously good and I’m not just saying that. I had one the other morning just to help me get over the chocolate cravings I have been getting (I am indeed a teenage girl). Strangely enough it worked. Go to their site and pick out some great products here.

Hitting A New Mark

Training unfortunately has been intermittent due to all my pre-arranged commitments, but I knew it would be happening. Whenever I worked out I made sure to put as much into it as I possibly could. I think I have hit a new groove. James may not agree, but I feel things have been slicker.

My combinations are getting smoother with each session and my technique is really starting to become more like second nature.

I’m not muddling my feet as much when moving around, my punches are more precise and with that, it allows me to train longer and harder. I’m no longer pushing my punches and I am sitting back on my shots more often. This allows me to be out of range more and have more snap on my punches.

Goin’ Drinkin’ Is Never Good Thinkin’

Hopefully this week, now that I am back to more full on training my fitness won’t be too bad. I decided to booze at the weekend for the first time in months. I now feel terrible. My body just seems to have shut down. My own fault I suppose. It was glorious however, just to taste that sweet nectar if only for a fleeting moment.

Challenge Set

Lastly I have decided to challenge myself. Eating well and exercising has done me wonders so far.

Since the start of the blog I have dropped a stone in weight, but I still feel I could do better.

The challenge will be to not have a cheat meal and work out for at least 5 days a week minimum until Christmas.

I have so far been doing around 3-4 days due to me being worried about arthritis flare ups. Due to the fight looming nearer though, I want to up my game and really get into the fighters mindset. Diet, training and mental strength will be my focus and my only focus until then.


Please check out the people supporting me on this journey through their Instagram accounts:

James Dixon (Coach) – @james.dixon.martial.arts


Rob Dawson (Sports Psychology) – @Mindsport_Ltd


Daren AKA Slaphead (Strength & Conditioning) – @chinnor_kettlebells


Simply Prep (Food prep company and nutrition) – @simplyprepmeals

Use the code “fatty” for 10% off all orders


Feel Supreme – (Health and Vitality) – @feel_supreme

www.feelsupreme.co.uk  – Use code word “jockstraps” for 10% off your entire order

Precise Sports Nutrition – (Protein Company) – @psn_uk



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