Fatty to Fighter: The Shinning


Three days on and I have some results….

Not only will I show you my titty pictures (calm down boys) but you can see the damage I’m doing to myself and I will also introduce you to my new partner in crime for this adventure, Simply Prep Meals.

First off, lets just get this out the way. Here are my starting pictures and whilst I am aware to most people it is hilarious, these photos are actually a lot harder to share than I imagined they would be. So be kind-ish to me….

As you can see I look like the human incarnation of a jelly baby. Not something to be proud of, but as any old northern man would tell you “All bought and paid for”. These pictures were actually taken last year as my wife “lost” the other images, I was actually about 5 kilos lighter here than when I started current journey. Apologies on my wife’s behalf!

You should all now realise why I wanted to do this challenge. Not only am I a fat cunt, but a very unfit fat cunt with arthritis. I have never been in shape, but the difference between now and my early twenties is that I now care. Beer and chronic will shape a man to the point of no return. Lets hope I can return.

Here is a breakdown on my measurements and their changes in the last month:

Start of August:

Weight – 17st 1

  • Left Thigh: 25in
  • Right Thigh: 25in
  • Chest: 44.5in
  • Hips: 41in
  • Waist: 43.5in
  • L Bicep: 15.5in
  • R Bicep: 15.5in

Start of Sept:

Weight – 16st 11

  • L Thigh: 24.5in
  • R Thigh: 24.5in
  • Chest: 42in
  • Hips: 39in
  • L Bicep: 15in
  • R Bicep: 15in

While I have only dropped a few pounds, I am losing inches everywhere, everywhere but my waist…..just what you want. Not as though it’s the most protruding area of the body. Oh no wait, it is. However after speaking with James this week before training, he told me not to worry and assured me that belly fat is usually the last to start moving. As you can see though, measurement wise I am much less titty. SUCCESS!! I’ll be Ronnie Coleman in no time.

I won’t share my current pictures. However next month I will do a side by side comparison and we can really see where my results are going.

Training with James

I missed last week due to a terrible error by me double booking my sessions. I had a strength and conditioning coach meeting last Friday, which I will go more into in the next blog. It seemed a little worrying entering the gym yesterday, not only had me and James reached the stage of being able to send hearts to one another over WhatsApp, but when I arrived at the gym, James was alone and playing smooth R&B. The worry was real.

I shouldn’t have been worried that James would make love to me against my will, I should have been worried about what he was about to put me through.

After warm up and some drills to help my get my stance changes, sprawling (wrestling defence technique) and takedowns foundation, James then put me through the ringer with leg kicks. It has been a very long time since I did these as a youth and I can tell you, I fully forgot how much my shins were going to hurt.

When James asked nearly 3/4 of the way through “How are you shins doing?” My man response was “Yeah, fine mate, getting used to it now”. That was a lie, they stung like fuck and I could hardly walk, but I kept plodding through. James then ended the session with a rigorous (probably not to him) combination sequence. I feel I actually did alright, until the last minute, and then I was dying. Couldn’t keep my shoulders up, couldn’t switch my stance for the switch kick and couldn’t breathe. Luckily James is a savage and shouted at me until I’d finished (usually my wife’s job when we make love).

Meeting Simply Prep

When I started this journey, my main concern was diet and nutrition, I know that while I’m not a physical specimen, I will get through the training and the fight. However I am a fatty at heart and I was extremely concerned about A) Not fuelling my body properly and B) not losing the weight I desire to.

Luckily I contacted Lou Witterick at Simply Prep, who are a local meal prep company here in Coventry. She responded immediately and we met up last week to go through the finer details. I told her and her business partner Harry why I am doing this and why I feel the journey is important. As with most of these meetings you never know how they are going to go, but Lou and Harry were fantastic. They are not only compassionate and big believers in my journey and how I will change through this, but they also have experiences with terminal illnesses like myself.

Me and Lou discussed her brother passing at the age of 34 from cancer, she is a very guarded woman, but you can see just how badly this still affects her.  All the while still laughing at her memories she created with her brother. It is devastating what has happened to Lou’s brother and what my wife is going through currently, but it is amazing to see that people from all walks of life have these same experiences as you and want to provide hope to those who have no hope. It immediately fills you with hope and joy during a shit time. I never met Lou and Harry before, but we instantly got on brilliantly and we left the meeting excited to work with one another.

So from next week Simply Prep will be providing me with two meals a day until my fight and Lou will be acting as my nutritionist. She and Harry will guide me through my training and weight loss and I couldn’t be happier. I saw their kitchens and business, and believe me when I say just how professional these guys are. The food the use is all natural with no chemicals added and the meat is sourced so that it doesn’t contain steroids and antibiotics etc that you get in supermarket meat. To be honest though, I was more impressed by how clean the kitchen was at the end of the day after making nearly 500 meals.

Until next time fuckers…


Please check out the people supporting me on this journey through their Instagram accounts:

James Dixon (Coach) – @james.dixon.martial.arts


Rob Dawson (Sports Psychology) – @Mindsport_Ltd


Daren AKA Slaphead (Strength & Conditioning) – @chinnor_kettlebells


Simply Prep (Food prep company and nutrition) – @simplyprepmeals



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