Fatty to Fighter: I’m Hungry and Puking


Here I am now, week two of my journey into the world of MMA. So far however I haven’t done much MMA training bar a few one to one lessons with all round legend James.


I have focussed more on getting my body prepared for what I am about to go through starting in the next two weeks. Whilst no physical MMA training has been done per se, I have been learning what it is to truly commit to such an endeavour.

This includes a complete change to my diet and working out on a nearly daily basis, sometimes even twice a day (those are right fuckers).

The first few days of this challenge were particularly difficult. After meeting with James, he set me up on some simple strength and conditioning training in the gym and helped me narrow down my diet to simple foods and cutting out the utter shite I’d been shovelling down my neck for 29 years previous.

Dieting is Annoying

Not only is dieting annoying and irritating (constant hunger) but it is also time consuming as shit. Prepping your meals is one of the most tedious things you could commit yourself to. While its great to grab a meal from the fridge when you feel like it, its the 4 hours from the day before that really take the piss. It also takes your time to work out when you should be taking in protein. Turns out it’s also a shit idea if you eat too near a workout.

Throwing up 30 mins into your first session with a new trainer is always a great way to look hard.

Then There’s the Weight Training

James advised me to follow the StrongLifts 5×5 app, which is 5 simple strength exercises – Chest Press, Squats, Deadlifts, Overhead Press and Bent over row. I have been doing these three times a week.

My legs feel like a pair of steel planks, my tits and shoulders are sore as fuck and I’m walking like a rent boy on a naval base ship.

I have to tell myself it’s all worth it

Having said that, whilst it has been a difficult start to this journey physically, mentally I feel fantastic. Although I am so tired that I’m falling asleep in the queue at M&S petrol station, I feel happier and more relaxed.

Not to mention the weird addage of having more energy, I know I said I was tired and I am, but in the inbetween moments I have much more to give already.

Don’t miss my next blog on Sunday. It’ll be a doozy for all you people as I am whipping my shirt off and showing you my moobs. All in the name of blogging…..fucks sake…..



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