Field Trip Festival: A Review

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Words By: Tasha C

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Field trip catches the last of summer.

AMBIENCE: Festivals work best when it’s hot. No-one wants to contemplate rain in that much detail. Field Trip got the lucky charm and it was by far the hottest weekend I have ever spent outside Bruton in Somerset.

With outside taps to languish under, cocktails, street food and stunning views we weren’t wanting for much. Dusk times were spent mulling the evening ahead under the festival flags and laughing at each other in the cool valley breeze. As night time came around we trawled the six sound systems danced hard and notched up a sunrise; three times in a row. Splat.

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MUSIC: Standout moments from Will White (Propeller Heads) and Daniel Morgan at The Tunnel. Also on a superior level were Serial Killaz (& 5 Alive) at Ignition. At the main Pow Wow stage, Sister Bliss (Faithless,) Merv (Eat Static) and Leftfield all banked up some good times. Other highlights; the stratospheric light shows all weekend, Camelphat at The Ministry of Sound, Catz ‘n Dogz and Latmun at The Apex and my (well Joanna’s) bell tent.

CONCLUSION: Field trip puts music at the heart matter and creates what can best be described as a free party atmosphere. A throw-back vibe that couldn’t have been more evoked than by the same six men making shapes every morning to techno at the main stage. This is a clear alternative to the corporate gentrification of today’s festivals, increasingly mired in money with the roots of a community gathering long forgotten. No such shenanigans at Field Trip this is hard core. Whack the chillers on in the car if you want.

We enjoyed the lack of separate glamping areas, the intimate site and friendly crowds. As we repaired to the Peruvian food stall to slam a few rare tequilas, we reflected that since the early 90’s and days of Circus Warp, West Country people have been at the front when rolling out a solid outdoor party.

We agreed that Field Trip upholds that tradition while pushing it further, giving the underground dance genre and its artists a platform. Giving the party heads what they want.

I left at 6ish on the Sunday morning and was surrounded by a crowd of security and farmers at the gate.

‘Only one head light bird, you don’t wanna get pulled.’

A deft punch to the driver’s side from a burly farmer soon had things lit up again. ‘Mind you get that sorted.’


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