Final-ly Fantasy 15 Approaching Launch

final fantasy

Started off as versus 13, then Type-0 and now we’re here. Final Fantasy 15 spent 10 years in development Limbo but is finally ready for release. It will hit store shelves on November 29th. Of course, no game launch would be complete without the obligatory day one patch. According to one guy on twitter, it’s 7.2 Gigabytes.

Image Credit: LordKelsen via Twitter

I understand that games nowadays are massive and you can’t find every bug or glitch during development but if you need to patch that much data on the day of release, then it should be a problem. Highlight on the word “should”. It appears that these massive day-one patches are becoming common practice and I don’t think that’s okay.

Square Enix Update

To be fair to Square Enix, the update does add some extra in-game features like more collectibles, beast whistle, new event scenes etc. This is all very nice but shouldn’t these be included on the disc from the start? If the game was an annualised franchise (this is a whole different type of gaming cancer deserving of its own article) then maybe it would be ok, but this game was in development for 10 years.

It’s Becoming a Bit of a Joke

Should the day ever come, imagine if George RR Martin released The Winds of Winter with pages missing. You open the book and see a little note saying “the missing pages have been posted and will be with you in 2-4 working days. As an apology we will also include an extra chapter of the book”. Wouldn’t you be a bit pissed? In some cases, waiting for a letter might even be quicker than a 7.2 gig download as there are still people out there with limited internet.

Image Crediti: Flickr

Here’s some perspective: The file size for the PS4 version of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag (old-ish game I know but bear with me) is 20.2 GB. The map and content for that game is enormous and apparently a third of its data is the same as a FF’s game patch…ffs!

Assassins Creed Can Do It !

There are many other developers that are guilty of releasing incomplete games. I’m looking at you Bethesda and Activision. It’s not impossible to release games that don’t need massive patches. Games such as Watch dogs 2 (90mb), GTAV (1.4GB), Witcher 3 (520MB) and Assassins creed syndicate (520MB) are all great examples that it is possible to release a complete enough game.

It’s these sorts of issues that discourage more and more people from buying games as soon as they come out and also why pre-order figures have recently been dropping. This is however a good thing as it will encourage developers to release more complete products and help us make gaming great again.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In related news, and in case you’re wondering how the twitter guy managed to get a copy of the game early, the game was leaked in South America 8 days before release day. There is some beautiful Irony in the fact that a game with a roughly 7-8 year delay has actually managed to come out early.