Front Army Girl of the Day: Belladonna


our in-house shoots are getting steamier and steamier…

So steamy in fact new Front Girl Belladonna went missing for 30 minutes and locked herself in the studio bathroom to have a partially clothed shower.

Yeah, we thought it seemed pretty odd at the time too but after looking at this set we’re glad she did!

Below is what she got up to (Plus Q&A of course)…

NAME: Jade

MODEL NAME: BellaDonna

AGE: 22

INSTAGRAM: @belladonna_flower

Describe yourself in three words: LOUD, easy going, confident

We went the pub with you after our shoot so we may already know the answer to the next one…are you a beer or prosecco kinda girl? Well I would prefer vodka but prosecco if thats the choice.

Yeah, we’ll be honest we paid no attention whatsoever to what you drunk in the pub. Celeb crush? I love an older man, serious man crush on Michael Cane

Most embarrassing date moment? (other than fancying pensioners)… I went on a date with a guy and he brought a briefcase clubbing?

Agreed, that shits fucked… Tell us about your piercings? I suck at piercings; always tearing them out. Actually I pulled my facial dermal out while at the Front shoot!

Oh yeah you did do that, can’t tell on these pics though. Ideal night out? I’m up for any night out as long as there is fun people and good drinks.

If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you take with you and why? A fleece blanket, my phone and pretty underwear to cheer me up.

You can’t take your fucking phone Jade: thats cheating!!

Have you got an inny or an out (yep they are getting weirder…) I have an absolute INNY and I absolutely CANT STAND it being touched!

What would you do in a Zombie Apocalypse? I would like to do some walking dead shit but in reality I would gather as many snacks as possible and hide…

Snacks are good. Fave music?, Fave album? I love all kinds; I can never put my phone on shuffle in public or it would go from machine gun Kelly to Little mix to DMX and then to Dolly Parton!!

What is your favourite flower cos we recon you clearly like flowers? A Sunflower, I want one tattooed on my other shoulder to match the Rose on my left side.

Finally, has anyone ever told you you emanate a young Madonna before? No, I’ve never been told that but if people could start that, that’d be great!






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