Front Army girl of the day – Charlie



Introducing gaming nerd and front girl Charlie…

Name Charlie Holly Rebekah

Age Dirty 30

Instagram @charliehollyrebekah

Describe yourself in 3 words: Fierce, Unique, Nerdy

Tell us a tatt story: The tattoo that has the most significance to me is also the smallest one on my body. It is the mathematical symbol for Pi and it’s on my foot. I got it in honour of my grandad who was a mathematician and scientist. If it wasn’t for him tutoring me, I would have totally failed my maths GCSE as I was a bit of a wild one in school! It’s also enjoyable to tell people about it because when I say I have Pi on my foot, they think I have a tattoo of a pie haha!

Are you single or taken: Single but open to a relationship with any lads that look like Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones…

Worst date ever: To be honest, I’m quite picky and brutally honest when it comes to dating so I’ve never really been on a bad date. My idea of a terrible date would be a blind date in somewhere really normal like a coffee shop.

Ideal date: Something really chilled and slobby like playing videogames and eating KFC or something really fun like going to a safari park

What inspired you to start modelling? I’ve always been a bit of a show off and love to express myself through performing. Not a lot of people know that I have a rare chronic condition called Ehlers Danlos Type 3. It affects my ligaments and means I have to take extra care of my joints. Due to my condition, I had to stop dancing but I still wanted to do something expressive and creative. Reading Front magazine was a big turning point for me because I saw these beautiful girls who are considered misfits in society being fierce and not giving a fuck. Alt modelling gives me a chance to express myself and also celebrate my individuality.

Whats your fave drink? I like proper flamboyant looking girly drinks like fruity margaritas. If its bright pink, gets you pissed and its stuffed with umbrellas and sparklers, I’ll be downing it!

Finally, what would you do in a zombie apocalypse? I’d find the hottest zombie, lethim bite my neck and join in the carnage haha! If you can’t beat em, join em!

You can also catch more of Charlie in the latest edition of the digital magazine. Go download and stalk her some more! 


Main photo credit to BDivinephotography & Paul James


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