Front Army Girl of the Day: Chloe


here’s another one from our manc shoot…

its our very own mini DELVIGNE

The Stats:

Full Name: Chloe Mason
Age: 18
Hometown: Leeds in West Yorkshire
Brief Description: Fun-loving, energetic Libra


Tattoos and Piercings:

I just LOVE piercings and I have a few in my ears like my lobes, tragus and industrial (which hurt like a bitch, I have to say). I’ve also had my nose pierced, tongue pierced and both my nipples.

Tattoo’s where and why?

I have just the one tattoo on the back of my neck which means a lot to me. It’s simple, saying ‘MAM’ because my Mam really is my world, but I’m planning on getting a full leg sleeve starting this year!

Favorite Music?

I will listen to pretty much anything. I love my old rock like Guns ‘n’ Roses and Bon Jovi but I love music where I can just chill out to it. John Mayer and Ed Sheeran are my favourite artists because I feel like I relate to what they are singing about. I actually met Ed Sheeran years ago when he was busking in London, I think I fell in love there and then!
Favorite Movie?

Okay so I am a massive Disney fan and I am not ashamed to say my favourite movie is The Lion King! Aside from that I think Corpse Bride is a wicked film and I LOVE Burlesque.

Ideal Night Out?

It’s either all or nothing. I don’t do the whole ‘lets go out for a few drinks, home before 12’. If I go out you’ll see me strolling around town at 8:30am drunk as I don’t know what while everyone around me are in their business suits on their way to work!

Ideal Night In?

I love to just cutch up on the sofa with a good book, music on in the background surrounded by dozens of candles. It’s even better when you’ve got someone to cuddle up with…

Bums or Boobs?

Favorite Feature?
I like my eyes. They’re green but have a dark green ring on the outside and the middle changes from light to dark green depending on my mood.

What Would You Do in a Zombie Apocalypse?

I actually haven’t a clue. I wouldn’t be one of them birds that waits around like a little bitch waiting for everyone to protect her, I think I’d find the nearest tool shop and get something big enough to straight up take their heads clean off.

Girl Crush:

Cara Delevigne. She’s just perfect.

Guy Crush:

Has to be Robert Sheehan. I first saw him acting in Misfits as Nathan, I have never loved a character so much in my life. He literally is hilarious and I love it!

Sneakers or Heels?
I am forever a heel person unless I know I have a long walk ahead of me, then the trainers come out!

Go follow her at: Cloforeverxo

Image credit to Meaning of Life photography, Tribal photography and Luke Hayfield



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