Front Army girl of the Day: its Morgan-Joyce from the U-S of A



INtroducing MOrgan who has some of the best INk weve seen in a while. We’re sure you’ll all agree… she’s pretty easy On the eye.

Full Name? Morgan Joyce

Any Nicknames? MJ

Age? 24

Twitter? morganjoycexo

Instagram? morganjoycexo


Snapchat? morganjoycexo

Town and Country? New Jersey, USA!

Brief Description about yourself?

A petite, alternative model, hair stylist & youtuber! Born and raised in New Jersey. Vegan animal rights activist. Love to travel, eat, and sleep.. a lot.

Any Tattoos Piercings? Yes.

Where and why?

Honestly too many to even begin to explain. I’m covered!

Favourite Type of Music? 🎶

Metal, hip hop, basically anything except country & opera.

Favourite Artists and Why?

Blackbear is my current favorite solo artist. His words resonate with me and I can really just vibe to his music.

Favourite Bands and Why?

My Chemical Romance is my favorite band of all time. They got me through really hard times.

Favourite Song and Why?

This changes constantly for me. It really depends on my mood!

Favourite Movie?

I have a few! Some are Requiem For A Dream, Girl Interrupted, Edward Scissorhands & Forrest Gump.

First Ever Gig/Concert?

My parents took me to see Meatloaf.. but my first concert of choice was the Backstreet Boys!

What’s your ideal night out?

I honestly prefer to stay in.. but if I were to go out, my ideal night would be something involving gorging myself with a vegan feast.

Bums or Boobs?

I’m partial to boobs!

Your Favourite Feature?

I don’t have a favorite or least favorite. I guess my eyes?

What’s your poison of choice?

Im not much of a drinker but when I do it’s vodka or fireball!!

Who is your ultimate girl crush?

I honestly don’t just have one. There are so many beautiful women I admire, though!

Who is your ultimate guy crush?

Oliver Sykes is my husband in my own head.

Sneakers or Heels?

Combat boots, always.



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