Front Army Girl of the Day – Patricia


Full Name: Patricia Marshall

Age: 24 yrs

Hometown: London

Brief Description: I am living weirdo. Trust me but I am experienced and enthusiastic person. I am bubbly , humble outgoing lady , always up for challenge and drive to succeed. My every day I see as a performances . So i always trying my best I need to be best in everything what I do is annoying sometimes but its me.

Tattoos and Piercings: I am.not big fan of piercing so I have just my ears done haha!! But I love tats 😊

Tattoo’s where and why? I start tattooing my self few years ago . First tattoo was on my fingers love and hatred I just woke up in the morning with the idea and in next 2 hours the job was done haha . I just done right side of my neck last week which I fell in love. I have a sentence on my right lower arm and on the left lover arm. I have the same tattoo with my sister, I love her so much. She is my another heart half. I have vinyl tattoo because I love music. I couldn’t imagine life without music and one small lotus flower on the chest .

Favorite Music? I love hip hop I am a big fan. Rnb, Dancehall and rock

Favorite Movie? I never have just one thing favourite with anything lol but I really like Untouchables and all movies with Ben Affleck.

First concert? Futuristic last year

Ideal Night Out? I fall in love with London. So a perfect night will be a good dinner in central, I love food. Then move onto somewhere that plays really good music. I love music, I love to dance so my favourite places are around Soho and Leicester Square. When I come home I finishing dancing because the clubs are closed! haha

Ideal Night In? Watching movies I’m addicted of good films also really appreciate spending time with my family, chatting and laughing. I love cooking for them, so that is the best night in for me. Be with ppl who u love the most and makes u annoying most as well but this is it.

Bums or Boobs?  Of course bum, I love it!

Favorite Feature? My eyes and bum

Favorite thing on 4 wheels? Lexus RX 450H sport

Most extreme thing ever done? Came to London after my 17 bday

Girl Crush: Megan Fox and Ruby Rose

Guy Crush: Ben Affleck and  William Tyler, I love they guys when they look like a viking also with tatts

Sneakers or Heels? Mostly sneakers now

Pictures provided by Patricia

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