Front Army Girl of The Day – Anastasia Shcheglova



One of the most requested models on the site has been Anastasia Shcheglova. She is not only one of Russia’s premier fashion model’s but she is a diamond waiting to be found outside the Motherland.

There isn’t too much of her here in the states but when my readers request Anastasia as much as they have, I have to take a look…. She is amazing! I found so many photographer’s that have shot her in her mother land and surrounding areas, it was hard to pick what photos to give you.

Two photo sets stuck out in particular (see below) and by now you should know, I’m always on the hunt for more than just pictures. I want to see all that they have done. So please enjoy this video I found of Anastasia Shcheglova. I would include credits, however, the translation process was horrible and couldn’t find the video anywhere else besides VK.COM

anastasia-shchegloav-front-magazine-1Birth Name: Anastasia Shcheglova

Age: 21, born 19 February 1995

Born and residing in: Russian Federation

Height: 5′ 8″

Relationship Status: In a relationship (Sorry boys and girls)


Photo set by Boris Bugaev

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