A Front Girl’s Xmas: Melissa


So we thought we’d give you all a little insight into some of our Front Girl’s Christmas plans.

First up… it’s Melissa 

Is it a bird? is it a plane? …No it’s a Vegan sending a missile to Melissa’s house ‘cos she loves to devour tiny pigs on Christmas Day. 

So do you spend Xmas Eve in or out? 
100% in Christmas is about spending it with family. Plus I cook the Christmas dinner. There wouldn’t be a dinner if I went out the night before haha

Any weird Xmas traditions we should know about? 
I come from a Filipino/Spanish heritage. We always have to have lechon for Christmas. It’s a whole roast suckling pig! Looks kinda scary having a baby pig on your table but it’s yummy!!
What does a typical Xmas day look like to you? Definitely surrounded by family. A few bottles of plonk and a hella lot of food to feed the army! Oh and maybe my mum and aunts arguing about something…..families aye?!

What’s the weirdest/shittest xmas gift you’ve ever got? Got a pack of 3 condoms in a wine gift box last year from my boss haha!!
What’s your Xmas drink of choice? Baileys!!!

 How will you be spending boxing day?

Working!! Worked last year too. Joys of retail. Then off to see some friends…

Any New Years plans? 
Kinda wanted to make up for last year getting dumped via text but now i think I’m just gonna stay in, take away and a film!!
Do you believe in santa? Of course….

Have you been a good girl or a bad girl this year? 
A bit of both. But I’m on the naughty list again…so I guess I’ve been more bad than good!

If you were one of Santa’s reindeer what would your name be and why? Cupid! I’m very affectionate and love nothing more than being around friends and family. I’d rather praise people than find fault in them!

Do you have an xmas wish list we can look at?!

  1.  I’d like a phat ass ha!!

  2. A loyal boyfriend

  3. And A mil in the bank please!!!

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