FRONT TALKS: Wild & Sons: The American Car Restorers

    Front Magazine and Wild and Sons
    In this Latest FRONT TALKS series we talk to Victor from Wild and Sons before we take his Buick Regal into the Pure Rally later this month. The full, wild rally will be in the next edition of Front Magazine on May 11th. 
    Introducing Wild and Sons ! 
    Front Magazine and Wild and Sons
    So when did you start up Wild and Sons? 
    I started the company last summer but have worked with cars for 7/8 years and worked for another American car specialist for 4 years roughly which started to change their attitude to customers and started working more on modern cars and less on the classics so left and started Wild & Sons and all our customers love the free advice we give them and how helpful we are and more importantly our quality of work we do
     wild and sons
    In that time what has been your favourite project so far? Why? 
    Well I am enjoying the 1967 Pontiac GTO project we are currently doing but the rat rod we are doing for the Buster Lang show this year I am enjoying as have always wanted to do a chopped Ford rat rod so am getting to tick that off my list of dream builds.
    Whiskey Car Front Magazine
    Is there a car or bike you want to work on, something that hasn’t found its way to you yet? 
    More 1930s American cars but if I had to choose I would love to work on a Pontiac GTO Judge or a Plymouth Superbird/Dodge Daytona project
    You guys are restoring old cars, but the way you run the company is very modern, being so active on social media, is there anything else you guys do to stay ahead of the game? 
    Well we try to get the point across to people in this country that you can afford an American car for any budget really for instance you could afford a classic Chevrolet Caprice or a Ford Falcon for around 5/6k which would be a good driving car or a good starter project which drives up to a classic Dodge Charger like the Fast and the Furious Charger for around 120k so there are cars out there for any budget and we get that point across to people by appearing in different magazines like FRONT magazine not just the American car specialist magazines
     Wild and Sons Trike
    Onto to some more serious stuff. The world is ending, which one of the cars do you escape in. Why? 
    My 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix as it has a strong engine, enough power and has a great front end for ramming things out of your way and has a huge trunk and spacious inside.
    What’s the fastest you have ever driven? 
    We’ll be seeing you on the start grid at Pure Rally, any other plans for 2017?
    Apart from the Pure Rally we will be appearing at various shows and meets but will be doing the London to Brighton bike ride on some of our custom bicycles and also the Buster Lang show which we will be having a big presence at and will be having some very cool surprises happening at the show and some celebrities appearing at the show which I can’t name at the moment as well as the 1977 Buick Regal FRONT magazine is using at Pure Rally will be on displayed with all its rally decals on it as well as some FRONT girls down there as well (hopefully).
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