Front’s heading to Scare Kingdom Scream Park, are you?


It’s October, which can only mean one thing… Halloween!

Scare Kingdom Scream Park (the UK’s best Halloween attraction) returns for its ninth year of fear. The venue host a number of scare attractions all year round, so you don’t always have to wait until Halloween if you’re looking to be spooked!

Wondering if fear will find you?
Here’s a breakdown of the attractions for Halloween 2017:
sLAUGHTER – Billy Redneck, the famed Clown Hunter presents a short sharp shock to welcome you to Scare Kingdom Scream Park, but will you have the last laugh in the killer act?

The Sickness 2 High Hopes Hospital – Check in for an appointment with fear at High Hopes Hospital, where the deranged minds of Doctors Lockjaw and Van der Blood prescribe an all new ordeal, through the condemned medical facility.

Manormortis Ghostkeeper – Take a tour through a macabre collection of possessed treasures, as Manormortis unlocks its doors to invite you inside ‘the house that should never have been built’.

Prey – Fear is the new faith inside The Chapel of Restless Souls, where a labyrinthine lair of snaking hallways leads to an ancient Charnel House. Here, a soulless legion of blood-crazed vampires await their living prey!

Body Snatchers – Step inside to make plans for your mortal departure, but beware as the resurrection men have a more sinister undertaking, and the horrors upstairs are nothing compared to the people in the cellar…

Black Window – Step blindly into the house of the infamous ‘black widow’ where a web of darkness entangles all who cross the threshold.

Psychomanteum Resurrection – The world renowned psycho-sexual scare entertainment experience returns with a untique one-on-one assault on the senses. Officially dubbed ‘the UK’s sickest attraction’, Psychomanteum is shocking and graphic in equal measure.

Mystic Fortune Teller – Visit the mysterious tarot reader for an authentic spirit reading from regions beyond.

Dougie’s Den & Bertha’s Bar – Drop into the licensed watering hole to steady those fraught nerves, where hearty ales and sinful spirits are served.

Have we tempted you enough to put your nerves to the test at Scare Kingdom Scream Park yourself? Then head over to here to book tickets.

If you havn’t already, check out Scare Kingdom Scream Park at:


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