Gadgets 4 your Girl -Xmas 2016


Here are some techy ideas for you to ponder…

[Also if you’re reading this and it’s not Xmas Eve – I salute you!]

The Virtual reality head set. If you’re lucky enough to have a chick into her gaming, virtual reality headsets are the new craze. Not to mention the ever growing range of virtual reality porn out there at the minute- [which can be fully utilised when she goes out with the girls!] If you want five minutes of fun and awe without wasting too much Benjamin then buy this VR contraption for £11.99 at a smidge of the price.



Available from

The Tango by We-Vibe. Now Let’s be honest; this is really a gift for you. Everyone wins with this mini discreet sounding vibe. I’m giving this a completely unbiased review here as I don’t even know what a dildo is obviously *ahem* – but with 8 settings and two hours of play on a single charge you can really put your stamina to the test. Plus it comes in Pink and my personal fave Purple. Happy humping.


£55 Available from Amazon

The Hatchimal. This is a little egg thing that magically turns into an annoying weird furry blob! It actually hatches itself out of its own shell slowly. All girls like cute furry things and if you can’t be arsed to splash out on a puppy this year; buy this. Unfortunately getting hold of one of these things may prove difficult as they are sold out in most places and are going on E Bay for triple the retail price!


Available from wherever you can find. In the words of Liam Neesongood luck!

The Prynt iphone case. If your girlfriend doesn’t like taking photos of herself perhaps she’s really a bloke? You can’t go wrong with this phone case which brings your snaps to life in seconds via an instant printed version. You can also take a photo of your print out and view it as a video [what the fffff?] – I don’t get how that would work either but it sounds decent.


£139.99 Available at

The Lelo Yva Gold Sex Toy. Ok, ok so one sex toy wasn’t enough was it. Not exactly a bargain but it’s guaranteed to give your girl the ‘richest orgasm of her life’.  This 18-karat gold-plated beauty is a work of art. Splash proof and certainly not wallet proof; be a total gent this year and give her seven hours of worth of overpriced Mclovin’.


$2,890 Available at

enjoy the glory – No need to thank us!