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This week I caught up with one of pop punk’s most famous frontmen, Matt Wilson from Set Your Goals.

One of my favourite bands for the past ten years, I’ll never forget being in my teens and going their shows with my two best friends. Since the band formed in 2004 they have gone from strength to strength, from playing intimate hometown gigs, to headlining tours and performing on the main stage at various festivals across the world. Interested in finding out a little bit more about his hobbies, the crazy girls of Connecticut, & what inspires him? Then read on…

1. Any hobbies?
Watching nature documentaries, reading books, surfing, hanging out in the woods, spending time with animals… and of course, anything and everything music related.

2. What’s your favourite movie?
The Shining

3. Any guilty pleasures?
You mean besides bad rap, nü-metal, and pop music? My massive addictions to collecting shoes, vinyl, and G.I. Joe figures.

4. What was the last song you listened to?
Untitled by The Cure

5. What’s your biggest fear?
That no one will remember me when I’m gone.

6. Tell us about the last dream you had?
Somehow this is the most difficult question to answer. I can’t recall the last dream I had, but I’m sure it was probably a nightmare.

7. What’s your favourite insult?
I generally avoid insulting people, but the most effective insult is usually truthful and well-deserved.

8. One word to describe yourself?

9. What’s your favourite tattoo & why?
Probably my tattoo of a tire with wings and the words “Gig Life” written next to it in script. Tattoos are the best souvenirs and this one recalls the most fond memories for me. We coined the term “Gig Life” with a group of other bands we were close with and decided it was an appropriate name for our 2009 U.S. tour with Four Year Strong, Fireworks, The Swellers, Polar Bear Club and Grave Maker. Everyone who was on the full tour got “Gig Life” tattooed on them. My extremely talented old friend Heather Bailey did the tattoo.

10. If you wasn’t doing music, what would you be doing?
Music is no longer my full-time job. I now trade stocks and options as a portfolio manager for a handful of friends and family members. It allows me to work from anywhere with internet access and still do music and tour when I want.


11. How did you come up with the name “Set Your Goals”?
It’s the name of the first CIV record, and also the only thing we could all agree on at band practice one day.

12. Where do you usually gather inspiration for songwriting?
My own life experiences, relationships, and the world around me.

13. Who are your biggest influences?
Lyrically, I’ve always really related to Anthony Civorelli’s positive and personal way of writing. CIV had some great messages but Gorilla Biscuits songs are what really stood out the most to me as a kid, and they’re still applicable today.

14. Who’s one artist you’d love to collab with?
Zack de la Rocha

15. What’s your favourite city to play?
Honestly, I know it probably sounds corny, but I love playing hometown shows. Sure, sorting guestlist is always a headache, and there are obviously other cities that go off just as hard, but looking around the room and seeing my friends and family having a good time is the most rewarding to me.

16. If you got to relive one tour again, which would it be?
Probably Soundwave Festival 2010 in Australia. Some of the highlights included Faith No More, Janes Addiction, AFI, Paramore, Sunny Day Real Estate, Meshuggah, Anthrax, The Get Up Kids, Gallows, Comeback Kid, and many more.

17. What’s the wierdest thing that’s happened to you on tour?
We’ve been playing shows for over a decade now, so we’ve seen loads of weird stuff. Weird is a subjective term, therefore it would be impossible to narrow it down to one thing. Here’s a good one though: Once, in Connecticut, a couple girls brought us a ton of snacks and asked for signatures from Jordan and myself. We signed a piece of paper from our tour manager’s printer with a Sharpie, thinking nothing of it. The following tour, we came through Boston and they appeared once again with two large grocery bags full of snacks and showed us their brand new tattoos of our signatures on their arm and leg (one got mine, the other got Jordan’s). The next tour after that, they showed up again and gave me a signed photo of the tattoo. That caught me off guard a little.

18. Do you have any future tour plans?
We’re all in our thirties now, and we’ve got careers, houses, kids, etc., which makes touring full-time more of an obstacle than an aspiration. We do play shows, festivals, and small tour runs here and there though. We’ll be playing a couple California shows next month and a handful of shows in the southern part of the states in February in celebration of the ten year anniversary of the release of our debut full-length, Mutiny! We will be playing the album in full at all of these shows. We may bring the idea overseas as well, so keep an eye on our website for upcoming tour dates.

19. How about any upcoming releases?
We are currently writing new material. It’s still in the beginning stages so no news on a tentative release date yet, but we’ll keep the world posted!

20. Anything else you’d like to share?
Follow SYG on Instagram @setyourgoalsband and Twitter @setyourgoals
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If you havn’t already, check out Set Your Goals over at:


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