Get To Know with “Peter Iwers”

This week I caught up with Peter Iwers, former bassist of In Flames. During his time with the band he performed on a total of nine albums and played shows all over the world. Since his departure of the group late last year, Peter has been busy writing new music with his two acts. Interested in finding out a little bit more about his guilty pleasures, future tour plans, & who his biggest influences are? Then read on…

1. Any hobbies?
Running, weightlifting, and playing guitar.

2. What’s your favourite movie?
Star Wars trilogy (the OG one) would be the obvious choice, but there are plenty of amazing movies, The Shawshank Redemption is great.

3. Any guilty pleasures?
Sandwiches. I love them.

4. What was the last song you listened to?
I was doing a musical crossword and listened to the musical Oz! But bands, Evergrey – In Orbit.

5. What’s your biggest fear?
To loose control

6. Tell us about the last dream you had?
Don’t remember it all, but there was shooting involved and I was a Jedi or something.

7. What’s your favourite insult?
“Great” (Sarcastically)

8. One word to describe yourself?

9. What’s your favourite tattoo & why?
My daughters name in Mandarin on my right arm.

10. If you wasn’t doing music, what would you be doing?
I’m part owner of a brewery (Odd Island Brewing) and a restaurant (2112) so I’d probably be doing that full time. Before I became a full time musician I worked with teens who needed help.


11. How did you come up with the name “In Flames”?
Before my time actually. I think Glenn, the guitar player at the time suggested it.

12. Where do you usually gather inspiration for songwriting?
On my porch with an acoustic guitar.

13. Who are your biggest influences?
My Mom for the strength. My kids for happiness and innocence. Iron Maiden for inspiration. Tom Jones and Ronnie James Dio for the voices, and Les Claypool for being awesome. These are all people who influence me in everything I do, including songwriting.

14. Who’s one artist you’d love to collab with?
Gotta name two, Tom Jones and Jacoby Shaddix.

15. What’s your favourite city to play?
Such a hard question. London, Athens, Tokyo and Los Angeles… to name a few.

16. If you got to relive one tour again, which would it be?
Slayer/Soulfly/Downthesun/In Flames

17. What’s the wierdest thing that’s happened to you on tour?
Hard to answer that, everyday is weird and awesome at the same time. Probably when I met Ronnie James Dio for the second time. He was such a warm person and he walked up to me from behind, scratched my hair and said “Hi Peter!” I was in shock that he remembered my name. Such a huge inspiration as a singer and as a person.

18. Do you have any future tour plans?
With my new (yet “secret” band) we will tour eventually. Also with my other act Stoney Mountain, we’ll def tour. Nothing set at the time being though, we’re still writing music.

19. How about any upcoming releases?
Same as the above. I hope we’ll have something out with both bands during 2017. I’ve written music with my friend Paulo Mendonca, his album will be out in 2017. One song “U got 2 Believe” is already out. I’m also writing with other people and hopefully something will come out. Me and Phil Sgrosso from As I Lay Dying/Wovenwar have been shooting some ideas back and forth.

20. Anything else you’d like to share?
Stay tuned for more music from me and stay happy. Life’s too short to not follow your dreams.

If you havn’t already, check out Stoney Mountain here!