Get To Know with Barber “Paul Hewitt”

This week I caught up with a barber known around the world, Paul Hewitt. He began his career in the industry over sixteen years ago, and since then has become one of the most prestigious names in barbering. Interested in finding out a little bit more about his favourite tattoos, favourite clippers, & What he thinks makes a great hair cut? Then read on…

1. Any hobbies?
After fifteen years I’m back playing Basketball.

2. What’s your favourite movie?
Paid in Full

3. Any guilty pleasures?
Watching Disney films with my kids, Ruby and Franck.

4. What was the last song you listened to?
Juice – Eric B. & Rakim

5. What’s your biggest fear?
Not going for it.

6. Tell us about the last dream you had?
My dreams are so sketchy, I was racing in the monster truck rally!

7. What’s your favourite insult?
When talking to someone with bad breath… “Smells like every single one of your teeth has had a shit in your mouth”.

8. One word to describe yourself?
Sugar Addict – Workaholic – Control Freak – Breakdancer

9. What’s your favourite tattoo & why?
Forever – Above my eye for my wife, and my kids names under my chin.

10. If you wasn’t doing barbering, what would you be doing?
Great question! I’d be miserable somewhere.

11. How long have you been a Barber?
Sixteen years

12. How did you come up with the name “Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned”?
Always being told I couldn’t do it. I had some very negative acquaintances back in the day.

13. Who are your biggest influences?
Shane Nesbitt, Brad Cowan and Khalil Malamug.

14. Where do you usually gather style inspiration from?
Everywhere, I’m very lucky that I get to travel the world cutting hair, so I get inspired on a daily basis.

15. What are your favourite clippers?
Wahl Seniors and Oster Model 10’s, I use American clippers.

16. What are your favourite products?
Uncle Rocco’s. Three generations of DNA in three incredible products which cater for every hair type.

17. What do you think makes a great hair cut?
A barber that listens to his/her client, and delivers amazing customer service.

18. What advice would you give to anyone looking to join the industry?
Do an apprenticeship.

19. Do you have any future plans?
Spend as much time with Anna, Ruby and Franck, and travel the world.

20. Anything else you’d like to share?
Life’s too short, tell all your family you love them on a daily basis and don’t live in regret.

If you’re interested in getting a cut by the man himself, he’s currently based at Black L’amour Barbers in Brighton, UK. To check out his work head over to his Instagram.

Featured Image credit: julien lachaussée ©