We got the Sexiest Shoot props around!!

If your clever and went and got the most recent EXTREME edition of FRONT mag you will know we had our own in house shoot party in Manchester with a load of models.
The guys at www.sextoys.co.uk kindly sent us some of their quality products to have a play about with on the day. They did not disappoint…
Naturally we ended up on a rooftop with a fire breather and a dominatrix. Obvz. Here’s some of the more fun stuff you can indulge in over Easter weekend. F*ck Easter Eggs!
Leather Flogger: Whether you are looking for a sting or a thud, this luxurious nubuck and suede flogger will deliver. Start your session by treating your partner to the sensation that only 36 square-tipped suede falls can give.
Kitty ft Flogger
Easter treats: Grace having a picnic or something in one of www.sextoys.co.uk Candy Bras. Giant bear not included.
Who could resist lingerie made from sweets? This tasty bra is made from hundreds of sherbet sweets just like the sweet necklaces and bracelets you buy from the sweet shop. Great fun and great fruit taste, slip it on and nibble it off.
We also got given a leather collar and lead to play about with, but think we will save that for the next shoot so watch this space!
Go to the link and try out some of the saucy products that www.sextoys.co.uk has to offer. You can also follow and order from their INSTAGRAM page!
Also feel free to go stalk our models: Grace & Kitty
Image Credit to Ben Clarke photography, Meaning of Life photography and Tribal Photography.


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