Havok Live At Rebellion Manchester 02/04/2017

With support from Warbringer, Gorod and Exmortus Sunday 2nd April 2017

Havok live at Rebellion Bar, Manchester

Havok Tour
Havok Conformicide Tour 2017 -Live at Rebellion Bar
Photo: Robert Beeton

Out on the road on their Conformicide European tour, Havok is bringing the storm with amazing support from the likes of Warbringer, Gorod and Exmortus. It has been a while since some of these bands have been in the UK and a first for Exmortus (who have never played Europe). However, the thrash reigned high when the bands hit the stage at Rebellion Bar, Manchester on April the 2nd 2017, their second performance of a 20+ show stint. A packed venue with an atmosphere that presented a hunger for a hefty slab of thrash, the setting was right for a truly spectacular night. Check out the lowdown below!


First up to the hit the stage was Whittier, CA’s very own Exmortus. These guys proved to be an exceptional warm-up band for the night, as they unleashed fire and flair. Exmortus showed off their showmanship as they heated up their performance with plenty of energy and opportunities for head banging. There was simply no slowing down and the crowd fist pumped so hard, that you would expect the ceiling to come crashing down. Among their hard-hitting rhythms and ball breaking thrash they even brought their own twist on some classic Beethoven, metal style! This foursome is a band worth checking out, as they have a lot of potentials to go far and really break the metal scene.  8/10





As soon as they appeared in front of the audience, Progressive French metallers’ Gorod ripped the venue to pieces. Setting off time bomb made up of a melodic and ferocious power, these beasts left no one standing still. The room became a hive of activity, like a swarm of wasps buzzing around. The music was so intense you felt like your head was going to explode. Watching the shredding skills off Mathieu Pascal and Nicolas Alberney simply blew everyone away. You could see how passionate the band were as their performance was literally dripping with feeling and sheer emotion. And even when the did slow down for a few rare moments they kept the music technical and a pleasure to listen too. 8.5/10

Gorod live at Rebellion Bar
Photo: Robert Beeton





Many years ago these thrash kings played at the legendary Leeds Rios supporting Evile, which proved to be a night to remember. They filled the venue to capacity and had a continuous number of people frantically diving from the stage. This time around they turned it up a few notches and what a performance it was. Hailing from Ventura, CA, these thrashers really known how to bring an atom bomb down on an audience.

As they opened their performance, the crowd was sent into a frenzy of fist-pumping, foot-stomping and a frantic array of headbanging.It was mesmerizing to watch and you could feel the electricity go straight through your body. If you went searching for the perfect thrash gig this would be the answer to what you are looking for. Warbringer gave the audience a brutal set list playing songs like ‘Remain violent’ and ‘Incoming Shellfire’. This only left a venue crater big enough for some ridiculous circle pits. There was non-stop jumping, people diving from the stage (which the road crew had to support as it got out of hand) and of course, this was just the icing on the cake. By the time they had finished their set, it was as if the venue had been hit hard by a tornado that left the place in rubble.9.5

Warbringer Live at Rebellion Bar
Photo: Robert Beeton





The mighty Havok makes their way on to the stage and the onslaught continues. The venue is still booming after an already brutal thrash fest and it does not slow down when the masters break loose! The fuel is ignited and the band shoots up to full speed, all guns blazing! The whole place is sent into a head banging frenzy, to the point where they were on the edge of breaking necks! It is clear that these Colorado-based metal heads are leading their Conformicide tour with passion and integrity, completely engaging their audience to the maximum. At one point the audience got so crazy, that one of the crew ran out to support the stage divers that were bombarding the band! By this point the gig was absolutely mental and the band crushed everyone with a killer performance. The pure devastation was left to end slot and everyone in the venue walked away truly wondering what just happened! 9.5

Havok Live at Rebellion Bar Manchester
Photo Robert Beeton




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