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Night at The Cave – The Expendables


The Expendables were amazing as always, in a intimate scenario that only The Cave Big Bear can offer.

As you guys know I have moved from the Huntington Beach and surrounding area up the mountain. So I have to get friendly with the locals here and do some coverage of my new home….. So first off I would like to thank Danny Crucial and all the staff for letting us enjoy the best place for music on the mountain. Although I really didn’t get my media pass, I was on the list from with some friends with Blackflys Eyewear.

With only a small line check and a crowded house. First on stage was Pacific Dub who was actually a great opening band. We did get in the club a little late, I’d wished I could have heard the Pacific’s full set as they had filled The Cave with dancing fans throughout the venue.


Seeing this is a small venue, not like what I’m used to covering. I did not receive my media credentials to interview the bands or get really good shot’s of the crowd for you wankers but I did have a hell of a good time….. good people and drinks on the mountain thanks to The Cave. Next week I’m there for The English Beat and see whats in store? Maybe some live feeds on our instagram…. stay posted!

Visit The Cave Big Bear online for showtimes.

Monet Rose Adams dropped in on the World’s Biggest Roll In


Bristol-based MTB rider Monet Adams dropped in off the World’s Biggest Roll in…In fact, we were there when she did it, over in South Africa earlier this year. And now there’s a video to prove it, plus some awesome footage of the trails and beauty of that amazing countryside.

For more footage and pictures follow her Instagram below.

Monet Rose Adams

Video by Scott Sports 

Etnies introduces the etniesxthirtytwo collab


When shopping for boots this winter, look for the new Etnies x Thirtytwo collab. You won’t regret it, I promise.

As many of you know I am supported by Etnies. Not because I rip anymore more but because I tell it exactly as it is! Recently I moved to Big Bear and to be fucking honest, it’s getting unbelievably cold on this forsaken mountain! Seeing that the damn snow is coming I requested my first ever boot from my people at etnies. I had 3 color choices and as dirty as I get I still put the request in for the Scott Stevens Signature Colorway (brown/black).

Let me just give you some insight on this boot. If you think the boot looks sexy in a pic, head to your local retailer and see it in person. I thought geez….. these are gonna be bulky and ugly like some damn Timber-Lames. Fuck was I wrong! These damn boots are just too sexy for words. Comfort level is just beyond comprehension. They fit like a glove and are cozy warm.

If I thought for a second my following and myself included wouldn’t like these, this review would be a lot worse.

I love about 80% of what they send me….. so here is my only con as I have for most of their shoes. If its a off the board shoe and we are wearing for fashion and or comfort. The white trimming just gets too dirty too fast. If everything etnies made had a gum sole, I would be at a easy 90% rate every time. I have recently fell in love with the whole Jameson series except the white soles. I wear them once and they are needing to be cleaned ( I live on a mountain now).

Over all rating: 9 Stars.


Eva Lovia named Penthouse Mag’s Pet of Dec


We had a chance to get Eva on our FRONT Army Girl of the Day before Penthouse had a chance to snatch her up…… Congrats Eva!

Full Name: Eva Lovia

Age: 28

Hometown: Wilmington NC

Brief Description: Adult Performer, Cook, Penthouse Pet, Fleshlight girl

Tattoos and Piercings: Elephant and cherry blossom tattoo

Tattoo’s where and why?on the back of my neck, they remind me of my grandmother and my japanses background

Favorite Music? Country

Favorite Movie? Gatsby

First concert? George Straight

Ideal Night Out? A lounge with great food and wine, followed by some after dinner drinks and dancing.

Ideal Night In? Netflix, a great bottle of red, and someone to cuddle with

Bums or Boobs? Bum

Favorite Feature? My freckles

Favorite thing on 4 wheels? Maserati Gran Turismo

Most extreme thing ever done? Definetly a DP

Girl Crush: Gal Gadot

Guy Crush: Jason Mamoa

Sneakers or Heels? heels

For up-to-the minute Eva Lovia info, visit her official Fallinlovia.com website and follow her at Twitter.com/fallinlovia and Instagram.com/lovialongtime.


Get To Know with Producer “Jay Vee”


This week I caught up with music producer Jay Vee. If you don’t recognise Jay by name, you’ll definitely be familiar with his work. He’s recently been working with the likes of nothing,nowhere. , Shinigami, and Shy. Interested in finding out a little bit more about his guilty pleasures, what setup he’s currently running, and his favourite musical project he’s worked on? Then read on…

1. Any hobbies?
I really just like to skate, watch anime, hang out with my friends, and make music.

2. What’s your favourite movie?
A Silent Voice. 10/10!

3. Any guilty pleasures?
Sometimes I watch YouTubers open Pokemon cards.

4. What was the last song you listened to?
Lil West – You Know It All

5. What’s your biggest fear?
Having a job that I hate.

6. Tell us about the last dream you had?
Me, my girl and my best friend were just sitting cross-legged in a circle petting this little baby goat, and it was extremely soft. Very wholesome.

7. What’s your favourite insult?
“You’re teeth gold but ain’t no jewellery on them”.

8. One word to describe yourself?

9. What’s your favourite tattoo & why?
I don’t have any tattoos yet, but shout-out to everyone with the nothing,nowhere. logos tatted on them. Those are crazy to look at and always get me hyped!

10. If you wasn’t doing music, what would you be doing?
Writing movie scripts, I plan on getting into that once music is steady.

11. Who are your biggest influences?
nothing,nowhere. , all of TeamSESH, TM88, and Shia LaBeouf.

12. Who’s one artist you’d love to collab with?
Jaden Smith

13. What’s your favourite city to play?
New York City! I love the energy when the small DIY venues get packed, and also seeing lots of familiar faces.

14. Do you have a favourite musical project you’ve worked on?
Reaper by nothing,nowhere. I worked on tracks 3, 4, 7 and 9. Those tracks just mean so much to me. So many memories just hanging out with Joe… writing, chilling, and goofing around. Thinking back on it all, those times were definitely the most focused I have ever been. I was actually going through a lot of self-reflection at the time, so those songs are nice to look back on as memories.

15. What software/setup are you currently running?
FL Studio and headphones, unless we are in the studio.

16. Do you have any future tour plans?

17. How about any upcoming releases?
I’ll always have singles dropping with my friends Shinigami and Shy, along with others that are in my circle. I’m mainly working with nothing,nowhere. at the moment though, so just keep an eye out for those releases.

18. Anything else you’d like to share?
I love my friends, don’t kill animals, and my dms are always open on Twitter if anyone wants to say Hi, or just needs someone to lend an ear. (@jayxvee)

If you havn’t already, check out Jay Vee over at:

Front’s off to Tattoo Freeze next year, are you?


Tattoo Freeze are the first to kick off the year of conventions and we can’t wait!

The show is back again for another year, and is preparing to open its doors to tattoo artists and fanatics from all over the globe. And guess what? New for 2018, you can now head down to the convention both days for the price of just one day! Oh, and if you act quick you can even save 25% if you book tickets today!

Over 200 incredible global and homegrown tattoo artists will be filling The International Centre in Telford, bringing with them more skill and talent you could ever dream of. You’d be a bit daft to miss out on getting a new piece wouldn’t you?

Not only is Tattoo Freeze just a tattoo show, there’s something for all the family! Saturday is a Tattoo only day, aimed at the tattoo collectors and enthusiasts. Sunday is a day packed full of entertainment to keep the entire family entertained such as the Skin Deep tattoo competitions, a robot building workshop, circus workshops, a caricaturist, a snake charmer, Scalextric rally challenges, vehicle tattoos, and body painting. Your Tattoo Freeze ticket even includes entry to Camper Mart where VW Campers are displayed, how cool is that?

So what you waiting for? Come and join the fun! Head over to here to book your tickets!

If you havn’t already, check out Tattoo Freeze over at:

New Music: Introducing LowGan


Sometimes we are lucky enough at Front to get the nod on new and amazing music. And today we got lucky. 

Introducing Logan Isaac, our new favourite man in Englandia, our country of misfits.

Vukovi’s Hittin’ the road… and Front’s joining them


What a way to end the year!

Next month, Vukovi are heading out on this years Kerrang! Tour, alongside The Amity Affliction, Boston Manor and Casey. The acts are playing eight shows across the UK, commencing December 5th through to December 13th.

Since the release of Vukovi’s self titled debut album earlier this year, the band have gone from strength to strength. From playing hometown shows, to supporting Pvris on their European tour, to playing the likes of Reading & Leeds festival, as well as a numerous other well renowned weekenders.

To cop tickets for the Kerrang! Tour 2017, head over to See Tickets.

If you havn’t already, check out Vukovi over at:

Feature image credit: Stuart Simpson

Alborosie’s Hittin’ the road… and Front’s joining him


This month, Alborosie’s kickin’ off his European tour and will be performing fan favourites and exclusive tracks from the upcoming album “Living Dread”. The reggae legend is playing nine shows across Europe, commencing November 16th through to November 26th.

Since the release of Alborosie’s debut album “Soul Pirate” was released in 2008, the reggae phenomenon has gone from strength to strength. From playing hometown shows, to performing concerts all over the globe.

Alborosie has been busy writing and recording for his upcoming album “Living Dread”, which will be released next year through his own record label, Forward Recordings.

Shengen Clan will be performing alongside Alborosie on all dates throughout the Living Dread tour.

To cop tickets for the UK dates of the Living Dread tour, head over to Eventim.

If you havn’t already, check out Alborosie over at:

“LOOK what you made me do” Taylor Swift Review

Picture by Jordan McFall

How Taylor Swift is accelerating the demise of the human species…..

(By Chris Black)

Time and time again Taylor Swift has released colossal bangers with the sentiment of a young carefree charismatic girl, perfectly encapsulating what it’s like to tussle and toil growing up in the modern United States as the hapless daughter of a family comprising of three generations of bankers. What to make of the new song and video “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Is it an incredibly powerful message to the ruthless media machine that builds up young beautiful men and women and then breaks them down for entertainment? Or a symptom of the modern epidemic of narcissism in the west? It is the petulant whining of a spoilt little girl. The chorus, which is of course the most important part of a song is absolutely diabolical. A fan might tell you that the understated wailing along to a drum beat stolen from the famous song “I’m Too Sexy” released by the seminal artist Crazy Frog in 2006 is a minimalist masterpiece, a transition from the upbeat bangers of old to a new more nuanced, more mature, more artistic Swift, they of course are all tragically wrong. The beat hits hard like an LA cop on Rodney King in the 90’s but there is little else to take solace from in this jumbled swipe at the mainstream press.

Swift’s spurious narcissism is abundantly evident in the video, we are treated visually to many versions of Swift over the years. At one point there is a mountain of Swifts, all fighting and climbing over each other to get to the top. I for one am left confused and slightly titillated by the presence of so many onscreen Swifts, what is their purpose? Why do I care? At the end of the video we are treated to no less than 15 on screen Swifts in what looks like a lineup from a high class brothel in Nuremberg in the 1940’s. Yes, it’s nice to have 15 identical aryan goddesses lined up in sensual outfits berating each other for our entertainment but is this really helping the progress of humanity, or even Swift’s career? It’s all well and good that Swift has had a rough ride but what may come as a surprise to Swift is that there is actually a whole world out there that doesn’t revolve around Swift and it has slightly more pressing issues. The tune is distinctly average but what should we do about Syria, Swift? What about climate change? Nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula? The increase in automation and AI that will steal all of our jobs?

The rise of individualism has created a love of fame, wealth and celebrity, this has pinnacled in the millennial generation and essentially has left us in a vacuous, detached, meaningless, distorted reality. The art of the selfie is the epitome of narcissism, millions of young people each day trying to take the perfect picture of themselves to post to the internet in the hope that other young people with low self esteem will “like” it. This generation is lost in itself and Taylor Swift encapsulates this perfectly with her self-involved rhetoric, she has a huge platform from which she could positively influence the world and she chooses to do nothing. “Look What You Made Me Do” is a harbinger for the self-destruction of humanity. 2 stars.





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