How Do You Start a Festival ? Front Meets the Founders of Field Trip Festival in Somerset

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We’ve all put on a house party when our parents have left town. The carpet stains and rashes. The stolen DVD players and open mouth kissing. Molly’s bra down the side of the sofa and the guinea pig swimming in the toilet. It’s not pretty. Somewhere on the warmer polar opposite is Field Trip, a festival started after the founders decided they wanted to create a party ‘would want to go to.’

That party, started by Jack Clink and Ryan Alcott, is set to have its biggest year yet this August Bank Holiday.

This is Field Trip, a festival quickly growing a reputation as the west’s best kept secret. And, unlike that sentence, it all seems to make perfect sense.

Jack (Back Left) Ryan (Back Right)

How did you two meet ?

We met a few years ago, our girlfriends knew each other before we did and we also had mutual friends who introduced us knowing that we were interested in similar stuff.

How do to guys go from that to saying, ‘you know what, let’s start a festival’? 

The festival thing just happened. It started out as wanting to put a party on that didn’t have to finish too early and before we knew it we had three stages and had to find the acts to fill them.

It’s now developed into creating a party that we would want to go to, and it’s getting closer to that every year and this year will have parts that will hopefully give Field Trip its own signature.

What would you say have been your hardest things to overcome?

Noise restrictions, we are now at a new venue, Gilcombe farm in Somerset, and we have a lot more scope to turn the levels up!

Why go for dance music and not a more traditional folksy or indie festival?

It could only ever be dance music. Like I said we want to create something where we would pay to go, and without any disrespect to folk music it just doesn’t float my boat like house music does.

You mentioned before the backstage bar being an intimate venue that is already becoming a place DJs want to play? What makes it so special?

It’s actually not backstage. It’s the Tunnel, which is one of only two venues open after 2am. It really has the feel of a free party from years ago and we think we can get everyone from the festival there for the last two hours each night. The atmosphere is going to be amazing.

Big names in small venues, secret sets where everyone feels they are part of it, the tunnel has already hosted a few unbelievable nights, and we want to keep that going.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing this year? (You are allowed to not be diplomatic here?) 

It’s funny because when you are running the festival there’s almost no time to actually see anyone. Hopefully this year that will change. A little bit anyway.

Faithless and Leftfield are getting a huge amount of attention and rightly so. They are closing the outdoor stage on Saturday and Sunday. If I had to pick one it would be Latmun  and whoever gets the last 2 hours in the tunnel on either night.

Field Trip is a relatively new festival, but what would you tell yourselves before that first year started? 

I think mainly that we can’t do it all ourselves, but if you get the right people together it will make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

We just got back from Amplified festival, a first year event, where the rain played a big part to say the least. Can festivalgoers expect good times even if it hammers it down? And what, how etc. 

We realised very early on that we can’t change the weather and the sooner you stop thinking about that the better. Rain or shine the show will go on !  We have 6 venues with djs and 5 of them are under cover.

Field Trip festival will be an amazing experience either way, full of like minded people all there for the right reasons.

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