iLLustrated Babes Next Door 🚪

‘model scHmoDel’… 

Welcome to Front’s new interactive girl feature. 


Introducing Girls with that special down to earth, next door realness. Time to put those binoculars away…

So here’s the plan. Our Writer slash model scout imFawni will be scouring the UK for the very best inkiest and kinkiest iLLustrated Babes Next Door.🏡

Sure, actual models are fun but this is a feature with a twist. All the girls shown must have very little or no model experience.

We showcase three iLLustrated babes per article in all their semi-naked glory. You get to choose a winner who gets a full spread in our Digital Magazine with professional snaps and a much more saucy Q&A.

Our first location is Cheshire…

iLLustrated Babe #1

Ibiza worker Abby likes techno and tattoos. Let’s ask her random shit…

abby frontSo Abby, what’s your best feature?😏


hmm so what does a guy need to do to impress you on a first date? “I love good eye contact- it makes you feels at ease so you know his minds not wandering & cheeky little thigh grabs under the table to keep it exciting!”- we like 👀contact too. Not for too long though. Then it’s just creepy. 

Tats? “I’ve got 30 so far. I’m far too impatient and impulsive to stick to one thing in one place!”


Fave Piece? “My neck one: so many people warned me from getting it and I still get comments now, but it stands out it makes me me –I wouldn’t change a thing about it!”

Weirdest place you’ve done the dirty!? “Argh I had a feeling this would come up! It has to be on Reggae Reggae Beach in Ibiza in broad daylight. We were both so oblivious too- until people started forming a crowd on the beach…Oops!!” 🙈

IMG_2408All time fave food? “Reese’s peanut cups”

Instagram @abimelissa

Tell us your Worst Date? “I can’t actually say I’ve been on a bad date cos I don’t get asked to go on them; I normally get the ‘Netflix & chill’ kinda dates”  🤷‍♀️

…skip the wine and dine: get straight to the grind. Sound like total gents to us!


Next up its peachy sarah 🍑 She works as a professional bath bomb tester in Lush so we bet ya she smells dead nice. Apart from being dead against animal testing…what else she into!?


Music? “I love anything I can close my eyes and dance to but you can never go wrong with a bit of heavy metal at the gym!”

Party trick? “I can tie a strawberry lace in a knot with my tongue. Doesn’t that count?” 🤔 Yes. 


You have some pretty sexy & interesting hair. Tell us a story about it? “So one Christmas morning me and my sister had too much Buck’s Fizz over breakfast and decided to shave my head into a Mohawk like my idol Christie Mack”

You take risks then. What’s your weirdest tattoo? “I’ve got jack the pumpkin king tattooed on my pelvis- it’s different!” 💉


Fave feature on men? “A pulse!!!?” Shit don’t say that Sarah you’ll get all kinds stalking you now!

It’s nearly Valentines. What’s the worst gift an ex-lovers got you? “The gift of faking the best ever orgasm” 🤥

Zombies or Vampires?!

Instagram: @tattooed_mummy

So we’ve gathered Sarah is a bit of a fibber and has a new weave every ten minutes. Thanks Sarah!


Alright, we saved the inkiest babe next door til last. Dinky Charl is a make up artist and tattoo activist. (If that’s even a thing). I don’t think we could count her colourful artistry if we tried…


Right so if it was Wednesday who’s your WCW? “My woman crush has got to be Megan Massacre; she’s a hot American tattooist”

What’s your most painful tatt? “Gotta be my back from my neck to my bum. It’s only been outlined but it was done by this amazing tattooist Jody Dawber- just recently finished my chest piece too”


Impressive. Are people shocked by how much of your skin is covered? “I’ve learnt not to give a crap what people think about me & tatts. I’ll know I’ll look back in my 60s with no regrets; this is me”

We second that. Fuck anti-tatt haters. Bet you get loads of admirers though. What’s the creepiest chat up line you’ve had? “Haha tend to just get wierd messages about my tattoos and feet. You get used it”


Your dream guys out there. What do you go for? “Someone with banter and who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. They have to worship me too of course!”

Poison of choice?? “I love dissarano  and cranberry; a double ovs!” 🥃

Finally, if you were an animal what would you be? “That’s easy a panda”🐼

Instagram: @charlotteamyxo

Figures she’d be an inky bear. Don’t know why we bothered to ask! 

Well that’s it folks. Now simply just help us to pick the girl you wanna see much more of in our digital magazine! 

Share and comment away, we’ll be watchin’

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The rules? To qualify for iLLustrated Babes Next Door you need to be weird and wonderful; have a decent amount of body art and be a little quirky. Plain Jane’s need not apply – stick to playing scrabble or something.

To apply or nominate your gf or a fit mate just drop imFawni a message or contact Front Mags general submissions:

Also watch this space for IBND give aways.