Introducing OUR HOLLOW, OUR HOME: the UK’s Independent Metalcore Champions



Tell us a bit about yourselves! How did the band come together? What inspired the name?

We are a melodic metalcore band based in Southampton and Bournemouth. We’ve been active since 2013 and came together as a bunch of guys who’d worked together in other local and small time bands who wanted to develop a more defined sound and image in a new project we could truly put our 100% into. The name came into being from the situation we felt we were in at the time, not being able to break out of our local scene, our ‘hollow’ as it were, and we decided that no matter what, we would make the best of that situation when we formed. We were starting over and going harder than we ever had before, making that ‘hollow’ situation ‘our home’. I believe it was Toby who was the first person to suggest the name!

Tell us why people should listen to your band – go!

One thing I thinks really important about OHOH is that we’ve never claimed or tried to be anything that we aren’t. We are a metalcore band, and we don’t want to shy away from that. We love playing the music that we want to hear, and I think that passion and enthusiasm for our craft pours through into all that we do.

What are your live shows like and how do you prepare for them?

Our lives shows are high energy from the get-go. We put 150% into our performances and are all about getting the crowd involved, from sing a longs to walls of death. In essence, don’t expect to leave without sweat dripping from you, whether it will be yours or not we cannot guarantee haha. This year we are playing more shows than ever before, so we are doing our best to keep to a pretty tight warm up routine before we play also! Melissa Cross warm ups and Vocalzone pastilles are what keep us going when on the road, definitely could not recommend either more highly to any other bands out there!

Which band(s) do you take inspiration from?

We take inspiration from so many different artists, across quite a few different genres. Some of us are super into hip hop, and some of us are into classic rock. Most of us grew up listening to bands like Funeral for a Friend, Thrice and Fightstar, as well as heavier bands such as Killswitch Engage, the Devil wears Prada and Underoath, but again that’s only a really small number of bands that I think we would collectively site as being major influences to the band and helped shaped our writing!

Name three bands you’d love to go on tour with and why.

I think if we had to pick three, they’d probably be A Day to Remember, Fightstar and The Amity Affliction. All three of those bands have really had an impact on helping define our sound, and to experience sharing a stage with any one of them alone would be a massive achievement for all of us!

Minus your own band, which band should people check out and listen to?

We have a bunch of friends absolutely killing the game right now, but if we had to recommend one band to keep your eyes peeled on it would be our boys in Shields. They’ve got some big things in the works and we are fully stoked to hear and see what they have in store for the world!

What are the band’s plans for the next 12 months?

The next 12 months will consist of a lot of touring for us! Hopefully we will have lots more content from our journeys to share with the internet, but predominantly we intend to hit the road hard the rest of the year and into the next, so hopefully we’ll catch you at a show!

Watch Our Hollow, Our Home, currently on tour now:

20th July GERMANY-Munich-Free N Easy Festival
21st July GERMANY-Dieburg-Traffic Open Air Jam
22nd July CZECH REPUBLIC-Velke Mezirici-Fajtfest
23rd July GERMANY-Erfurt-From Hell


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