Introducing ONI: Canadian Tech-metal wizards ready to take on the world

ONI press shot

Tell us a bit about yourselves! How did the band come together? What inspired the name?

Hi, I’m Jake, vocalist of the band ONI, and we’re from Ontario, Canada. We all live in the same area so our mutual interest in music and creativity, and being part of the local music scene, brought us together. I first knew Martin and then the rest of the guys followed, it all came together quite naturally. The name comes from Japanese folklore; the Oni is a malevolent shape-shifting demon, able to take on many guises as it spreads pain and misery. We feel this represents our music.

Tell us why people should listen to your band; what makes you stand out from the pack?

As the vocalist, I put my all into the writing and performance and I feel the result is very passionate and real. I can say the same for the rest of the guys; musically we pushed ourselves to be the very best we can, so I feel that this album is not only very technical and experimental, it also has the passion of players who want to show the world what they can do. There’s also a lot of diversity; you will always find something different on each listen.
Oh, and we’re the only metal band with a Xylo-synth player!

What are your live shows like and how do you prepare for them?

Our live shows are fun and full of energy. In terms of preparation, we normally like to rehearse prior to a tour to make sure we’re working well as a unit. On the day of the show I don’t like to eat before going on stage, I warm up my voice and kind of stay to myself.

Which bands do you take inspiration from?

A lot of them – too many to list! You know, every band tries to sound like themselves, however everything you listen to and enjoy is an inspiration. I think that almost anything you hear is taken on board subliminally.
You pick up nuances, feelings, and melodic inspiration from every piece of music you hear.

Name three bands you’d love to go on tour with and why.

Lamb Of God, Slipknot, Meshuggah. They are the best heavy bands around at the moment period. They all mix brutality with creativity and are way ahead of the curve of nearly everyone in the genre. We aspire to develop into a band with their gravitas and I feel their audiences will be into what we do. Simple as that.

Tell us about another band you’re into at the moment and we should check out.

Code Orange! We had the pleasure of playing we shows with them not too long ago and they were super. Huge sound, crazy stage show, one of the coolest newer heavy bands around at the moment.

What are the band’s plans for the next 12 months?

We have a bunch of awesome festivals over the summer all over Europe and the U.S. We’re performing at UK Tech Fest, Bloodstock and Amplified festivals, as well as some Euro dates with Gojira. Then after that we want to write and record the next album.
Write! Record! Play!

Catch ONI at one of the following dates:

Jul-09 – UK Tech-fest Newark, United Kingdom
Jul-11 – Pustervik, Göteborg, Sweden w/ Gojira
Jul-13 – Train Aarhus, Denmark w/ Gojira
Jul-19 – Le Ferrailleur Nantes, France w/ Gojira
Jul-20 – Le Petit Bain Paris, France w/ Gojira
Jul-21- Le Rat’s, Puget Sur Argens, France
Jul-23 – Amplified Festival, Northleach, United Kingdom
Aug-13 – Bloodstock Festival, Catton Park, Walton On Trent, United Kingdom