INTRODUCING: Skies In Motion

Tell us a bit about yourselves! How did the band come together? What inspired the name?

The band initially came together after a Uni music project. Sam, Andy and a few other guys decided they wanted to carry on playing together after the project finished, and Skies In Motion was born. The name is actually a really boring story, the original vocalist thought ‘Skies’ would sound cool in a band name. They saw a picture of some clouds in a pub and then the ‘In Motion’ was added. I wish there was some explosions or a fight or something to make the story more interesting, but that’s literally it.

Tell us why people should listen to your band – go!

We’ve got riffs, we’ve got chuggy breakdowns, we’ve got big choruses, we’ve got heartfelt lyrics with a passionate delivery. And on top of that, we run around a lot on stage and Andy spins in circles sometimes which is cool and edgy. Check us out and get down to a show!

What are your live shows like and how do you prepare for them?

We aim to be as explosive and energetic as we possibly can be. Performing live is a release for us, and we want it to be for you too. When we prepare we just practice practice practice, and make sure everything is as tight and precise as is humanly possible. Live shows are why we do this.

Which band(s) do you take inspiration from?

Architects, The Ghost Inside, While She Sleeps, Killswitch Engage, Underoath, Norma Jean, In Flames, Parkway Drive, the list goes on. It’s a big list. We try to draw inspiration from as many places as possible.

Name three bands you’d love to go on tour with and why.

Killswitch Engage because they’re our heroes. We played one show with them and it’s our favourite we’ve ever done, so we’d love to do more.
Architects. Collectively, they’re probably our favourite band. Constantly upping their game, and absolute powerhouse to watch live. It’d be an honour.
Crossfaith. They’re insane live and they look like they know how to party. We also like to party.
Minus your own band, which band should people check out and listen to?
Loathe. In our opinion, one one of the best metal bands in the UK right now. They’re almost too good.
What are the band’s plans for the next 12 months?
Gigs, gigs, maybe a little bit of writing, and more gigs. Some festivals hopefully. We’re building some momentum, and we’re just going to keep on building. Did we mention gigs?