Kelly Hart Interview


Written by GrindThis

GrindThis: Thanks for taking time to sit with us at Agenda.

Kelly Hart: Totally rad to be here.

GT: Lets start off with Expedition Skateboards. Whats the difference between when you left and came back?

KH: Nothing was wrong with Expedition when I left, it just it just had a different vision. I just went out and had fun skating without the pressure til Troy Morgan hit me up. Hey said “Why don’t you come in here and bring Expedition back the way you and I envisioned it?” That’s what I’m here to do, bring it back with the clean, athletic look and feel that Expedition is really all about.

GT: Whats the deal with Kayo and everyone leaving?

KH: The brands are re-branding themselves and finding their own styles and branding themselves. Stevie is still holding it down for DGK and the riders are still sick. They are just doing what we are. Finding themselves and bringing it back to basics. The organic way.

GT: Cats wanted to know how it felt to treflip the macbre gap?

KH: I don’t know, that was a funny one. I was just skating one day with a bunch of friends and I remember Ruben Garcia had nollie hardflipped of of it. That was the first time I had seen it, that looks fun! No one really skated it and the the filmer / photographer said “It doesn’t look that cool, I don’t know if we are gonna film it.” I had to wait for my friend Derrick to film me and it has become my most talked about trick. To think they thought it was gonna be stupid (laughs).

GT: There was a kid that tre flipped the gap to land into a nocomply 180.

KH: Really? The thing I love about skating is that people will bring their own style into it. Everyone does the same thing but they add their own twists to it. It makes it awesome.

GT: One of my riders, Dave wanted to know how the hell you kept a straight face during the SLS (Street League of Skateboarding) commercial? How many takes was that?

KH: (Laughs out loud) You know it was kinda funny, they were like “this is what you gotta say.” It was my first time rehearsing lines since like grade school plays. You know what I mean? Can I ask if I add my own lines? It was actually easy. I was surrounded by all my friends doing the filming and recording. It was fun and I actually liked acting. They put me in this scenario with a dope house filled with killer stuff.

GT: Did you actually win the Roles Royce?

KH: Yeah, that was sick!

GT: I have been in and out of skating since 1981 and don’t follow the whole circuit like these kids today in the last 10 years. You used to have to sit on a clip forever. How has that changed for you?If you don’t get the film or photo out, you will get snaked on that trick or spot.

(Pierre Andre (Owner of Sole Tech) jumps in to say hello.)

KH: Personally I would just post them immediately after doing them. I might save certain things but like I said before I don’t care if anyone does the same trick. Not to say I’m gonna go do someone’s trick. I haven’t had a photo in a magazine for awhile. If I’m gonna have a sequence or ad in a magazine, I will hold on to that footage. Some filmers don’t get paid for the footage.

GT: That’s what I’m getting at, what happens to them?

KH: I was filming basically in 2016 with this (Shows iPhone), that’s it. My boy (Insert name here) is the best iPhone filmer I have ever seen. We go out and just have fun! The only way I thought Skateboarding is ever gonna grow is if skateboarders have fun. Skateboarding got really serious for awhile. It was about who’s in the mags and who’s progressing.

GT: Let’s Talk about the Nine Club? I love that show! We wanna know about the button, did you get suckered in and stuck with the button?

KH: I’m not suckered into nothing, I think it’s cool!

GT: Well it seems like Chris Roberts dog’s you a little bit on the show?

KH: Hell we dog each other, it’s just how we are. We have been friends a long time. I was always there and lived there. All the guests would be talking to me. The button is so that people can hear me in the conversation.

GT: There’s only one episode I didn’t watch and that was the Lil’ Wayne episode. Just not a fan of him in skateboarding.

KH: That one is cool though. It’s one of my favorite’s. The cool thing with Lil’ Wayne is that, I look at it from his world. He came in and we talked about skating and he was all into it! He had a perspective that was so into skateboarding that I was like, this is dope.

GT: Did his music move you in skateboarding?

KH: His music influenced me to go skate. I started listening to him when I was 18 and I’m 32 now (Josh Kings, pops in and says “If it wasn’t for Lil”Wayne I wouldn’t be skating.). That dude…. when he eats shit, he gets up and starts skating again. After every show he’s out skating.

GT: Whats the next move for Expedition?

KH: I’m so stoked on what’s going on. New graphics are so dope, the people working there are just killer and I have a new squad of young rippers that are tearing it up. I’m now in a new position to mentor these kids and help them out promoting the brand. Maybe make a career out of skateboarding.

“There is so many different types of skateboarding now that you can exist in. 10 years ago if you’re not in magazines or videos, you don’t exist. Now with social media anyone can bring their own fashion into it and exist in skateboarding. They can grow their own audience. That’s whats so awesome about skateboarding!”

GT: What is Expeditions style or look compared to other brands?

KH: Look at Welcome Skateboards (Which id of of my favorite brands), they are killing it right now.They are so unique and they brought different things to skateboarding and they are having fun! Ryan Lay is on there and one of my favorite skaters, totally ripping it. Ryan Townly, they have a certain style that is so different people can associate with it.

KH: Expedition is more of a clean athletic style. It’s fun to watch. I’m not saying I’m fun to watch, the brand is clean and fresh t watch. Not trying to put us in a category but we would fit more with the athletic feel. We are bringing back polos and nicer t-shirts and chino’s. That Nautica, Tommy look in skateboarding.

GT: Last question, who do you think will win “Trick of the Year” with SLS?

KH: Kyle Walker (50-50 grind the kinked rail) I’m gonna say if every person at Agenda tried that trick, 99% of them would really hurt themselves. I think that’s the most insane trick.

GT: Thanks for chilling with me and Josh Kings for Front Magazine….. Time to get drunk with BlackFlys.

KH: Thanks for the good times!

By the time you are reading this…… Kelly called it! Kyle Walker took the cheese at SLS 2016 Trick of the Year. Congrats to Kyle Walker and that fresh triple set kink! You earned it!



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