“LOOK what you made me do” Taylor Swift Review

Picture by Jordan McFall

How Taylor Swift is accelerating the demise of the human species…..

(By Chris Black)

Time and time again Taylor Swift has released colossal bangers with the sentiment of a young carefree charismatic girl, perfectly encapsulating what it’s like to tussle and toil growing up in the modern United States as the hapless daughter of a family comprising of three generations of bankers. What to make of the new song and video “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Is it an incredibly powerful message to the ruthless media machine that builds up young beautiful men and women and then breaks them down for entertainment? Or a symptom of the modern epidemic of narcissism in the west? It is the petulant whining of a spoilt little girl. The chorus, which is of course the most important part of a song is absolutely diabolical. A fan might tell you that the understated wailing along to a drum beat stolen from the famous song “I’m Too Sexy” released by the seminal artist Crazy Frog in 2006 is a minimalist masterpiece, a transition from the upbeat bangers of old to a new more nuanced, more mature, more artistic Swift, they of course are all tragically wrong. The beat hits hard like an LA cop on Rodney King in the 90’s but there is little else to take solace from in this jumbled swipe at the mainstream press.

Swift’s spurious narcissism is abundantly evident in the video, we are treated visually to many versions of Swift over the years. At one point there is a mountain of Swifts, all fighting and climbing over each other to get to the top. I for one am left confused and slightly titillated by the presence of so many onscreen Swifts, what is their purpose? Why do I care? At the end of the video we are treated to no less than 15 on screen Swifts in what looks like a lineup from a high class brothel in Nuremberg in the 1940’s. Yes, it’s nice to have 15 identical aryan goddesses lined up in sensual outfits berating each other for our entertainment but is this really helping the progress of humanity, or even Swift’s career? It’s all well and good that Swift has had a rough ride but what may come as a surprise to Swift is that there is actually a whole world out there that doesn’t revolve around Swift and it has slightly more pressing issues. The tune is distinctly average but what should we do about Syria, Swift? What about climate change? Nuclear proliferation on the Korean peninsula? The increase in automation and AI that will steal all of our jobs?

The rise of individualism has created a love of fame, wealth and celebrity, this has pinnacled in the millennial generation and essentially has left us in a vacuous, detached, meaningless, distorted reality. The art of the selfie is the epitome of narcissism, millions of young people each day trying to take the perfect picture of themselves to post to the internet in the hope that other young people with low self esteem will “like” it. This generation is lost in itself and Taylor Swift encapsulates this perfectly with her self-involved rhetoric, she has a huge platform from which she could positively influence the world and she chooses to do nothing. “Look What You Made Me Do” is a harbinger for the self-destruction of humanity. 2 stars.






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