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Image credit to Emma Barnfield photography
Full Name? Rebecca Biro
Any Nicknames? Luna
Age? 32
Town? Wiltshire
 Brief Description about yourself: Alternative, love a bit of banter, have a bubbly playful side, love of music, yoga, fitness, gigs, festivals…

Any Tattoos/Piercings? We seem to recall you getting a tattoo done at our Tokyo Tattoo shoot in Cheltenham earlier this year?! Covered in tattoos- and yes I did: Ive got my chest, sleeve, thighs, shins, shoulder blade, back of thigh, arse cheek, bottom of back. Ears pierced. Thinking about getting my nose double pierced. I’ve also had my lip, belly button and Christina pierced but took them out!

We think a nose ring would look decent on you. DO IT. Favourite Type of Music? Rock, soul, northern soul, reggae, was a bit of a DnB raver a few years back! I enjoy most genres.
 How long have you been modelling and what inspired you to do it? New to modelling for a year now, after having most my tattoos done I had a few tattoo artist friends suggest I should try alternative modelling out, so I did! I went to a modelling workshop at a studio called PoZers where they helped get the ball rolling for me.

Favourite Artists? Kurt Cobain, Nirvana, The Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Bob Marley

Tattoo artist. You pretty covered? Jo Black, Black Moon Tattoo Studio
Favourite Song and Why? This is so hard..I have loads! My Girl by nirvana, Hero by the Foos..

Favourite Movie? I’m a marvel geek so all of the avengers films!

First Ever Gig/Concert? I’ve been to loads of underground gigs but the most famous would be Courtney Love.
 Heels or sneaks?  I live in my Dr martens or converse!

 Ideal night in: Food, GnT (Bombay sapphire!) pack of cards, friends

Ideal night out: A gig or a nice restaurant with great food!
& finally, Your life motto if you have one!! Life has no limitations except the ones you make!

We will drink to that!! 

Luna is signed to our agency @frontmodelmanagement so I’m sure we will bump into her again soon… TTFN!


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